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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Good Morning: Sunday Salmon Breakfast...

Wenches & Wrenches

Bathed In Divine Light

My back hurts just looking at it.
But many years ago...
I might have been fast enough
to ride such a beast myself...

What Happened Here...?

Today I went home. I thought at one point I was finally going to transition to a bolt action rifle but - gah. Bolt actions are the most inherently accurate guns out there. You can even buy econo-guns that will print one inch groups right out of the box.

But... they bore me. I am going back to my beloved M14 and AR15 for gov't work, and for fun I am doing my black powder cartridge guns. End of story. I think I am done buying guns now too. I have at best - what? 15 more years? After that a fella gets a little old to be in the game... but who knows? In the black powder cartridge gun game there's lots of seriously old farts still shooting and playing the game so maybe I might have a few years beyond that.

After I got my Trijicon scope dialled back in on the M14, I blew some dust off the AR and went to work with it. I must have blown off 60 rounds of ammo today! It felt good just to spend the morning out doors. It was cold out and the roads were icy so all the candy-asses stayed home and I had the club to myself.

Afterwards I checked out the campsites which are beginning to fill up with snow. It's just barely deep enough now that a 4x4 is a good idea. Theres a few deer and moose tracks around so the critters are doing good.

Dunno what this is though:

All this snow was torn up in one single spot. I think it may be a case that the rut is in full swing, and maybe the bucks and bulls came out here to spar. It is on the campsite road so there is no grazing under the snow.

I love the snow and the sun. I spend too much time indoors in my old age and I really need to fix that.

Welp, I got dishes to do, and after that I got guns to clean and brass to prep. Might be a beer or two down there too - who knows?

Have yourselves a great Saturday, y'all - and as always - thanks for stopping by!

When We Were Kings

Caturday Goes Horribly Wrong...

That is one creepy cat!
Looks like Gramma!!!!!

Cats generally get the bum steer from men and they shouldn't. I love them myself. My favourite cat was Sammy - a little niggered black cat that was put on this earth solely to torture my father. One day after chores we were just bagged. Pop crashed on the couch and I sprawled on the floor - I think we'd just finished with bringing in bales for the year.

I was petting the cat with my mind in neutral when Pop goes "How can you stand that stinky bastard? All it does is eat and shit...". So Sammy gets up, slinks on over to him and sits there with her tail twitching and staring Pop down. Aaaaaand - Pop gave the cat a playful punt. 

And then he lost 5 gallons of blood when Sammy went after his foot! She ripped on him so bad that he almost used the F word! You could see the blood stains on his socks after she finished with him. And later on that night when the football game was on, they were the best of buds. Pop absently petted her while taking in the game.

I sometimes think I'd like to have one more cat before I die, but we have dawgz. 

Friday, 16 November 2018

Rotten Wood Smoldering: Taking The Vote Away From Stupid People

I am addicted to internet memes. The ruder the joke, the happier I am! I laugh at all the wrong things that aren't funny. But... I didn't laugh at this one.

This one's making the rounds lately and brings the expected comedy and hilarity from the Usual Suspects:

"No woman dreams of a hippie ravaging her, as goes the saying. Also no woman dreams of being leered-at by beaners, raped by a black ape, or beaten by a filthy brown muzzie…"


Monsiuer de Chapeau Heartiste is a card, innint he? I saw a study that disappeared almost the second it hit the innernet awhile back. It was the divorce stats for inter-racial couples. For white women and black males in was north of 90%. For couples with white men and black women it was north of 80%. Can't remember what the stats were for violent spousal abuse but they were up there too. It doesn't seem to occur to these women that without white men they'd be living in mud huts as slaves.

The Z Man believes that the fate of America is sealed as long as women have the vote. Taking the vote away from obvious retards like these is a no-brainer, but the next problem with that one is - where do you draw the line?

I really think we need to start drawing lines. But... where to draw them?

Filthie's Wild Animal Kingdom: Lunch With Liberals: Chili Edition

Chili was invented by Mad Jack's ancestors in the 1850's when they discovered that the deserts and arid portions of the country were just teeming with delicious animals that could be made into savoury stews and chilis. The structurally reinforced ceramic toilet was invented by my ancestors in the 1860's when chili came to Canada and conventional outhouses failed when chili consumers developed containment issues.

Little bit a hot sauce, stir in some pinto beans -
and you are cookin' with gas!!!
Jack's Copperhead Chili is to die for.

Earlier in the week one a the girls decided that we all needed a 'Chili Friday' and the manageMINT agreed. Now I love women - but the ones where I work are less than optimum examples of the breed. The worst is my boss - she has a … a.... *ahem* a hair issue, face jewelry, nose rings an tats - and the mind of a child. Our gal behind the chili extravaganza is a 40 year old punk rocker, and the last one is a divorcee with spending issues and would be right at home in the trailer park with Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. All week we were regaled with how great Amanda's Vegitarian Chili was and I resolved to eat some of it an be polite afterward. I didn't give a damn if it was full of (ulp) egg plant and zucchini - I would eat it and be the picture of couth and class afterward even if it killed me. In spite of their obvious mental issues I love those young ladies as they struggle to become rational adults. I hope they make it - I know I never did, HAR HAR HAR!!!

Vegitarian Chili: you'll eat it and you'll LIKE it,
Fortunately Amanda made a crock of regular
chili as well.

During the meal Karlie regaled us about tales of how stupid Americans are. Unbeknownst to most Americans is the fact that they are absolutely hated by the Canadian liberals. Our liberals are worse by far than American democrats because Canadian liberals are so goddamned dumb they think they're smart. Then Karlie launched into a speech on what a bunch of a-holes gun owners are.

I must have changed or something. Maybe time away from the constant bombardment of liberal dogma and boilerplate idiocy has allowed me to replenish my resistance to such bullshit - I'm not kidding ya - it didn't bother me one iota! I started a discussion with the Token Pakie and the trailer park queen about weekend plans on the other side of the table.

Guess Matt got tired of Karlie, so he interrupted. "What are you doing this weekend, Filthie?" I didn't even hesitate. "I'm going to the range. I have an M14 that is giving me a hemorrhoid that I gotta deal with. Think it's the scope mount..."

An embarrassed pause.

"Like - with guns?" Matt asked. So I started explaining about my masochistic fetish for black powder guns and gave an impromptu speech about military match guns. The girls were slightly embarrassed because they like me and now had a decision to make: how to deal with this old heretic in their midst?

Amanda saved the day. "Will somebody at least try the Vegitarian Chili?" I told her that I would have loved to, but gosh darn it, I had just eaten too much of the delicious regular chili and was stuffed! And with that, I was able to make a dignified escape.

Sometimes I think that we may just get lucky and evade the looming civil war. Who knows.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Hay Bales

Every once in awhile BW gets lazy and posts uninspired, boring pics of hay bales out in the country on his travel blog.

Years ago I was up in Grande Prairie on the 7th floor of the Cheapskate Hotel on the edge of town. I got to watch a storm like this come rolling across the prairie, and it was the most inspiring thing I ever saw. I opened the windows and the wind blew the smell of the fields into my tiny hotel room.

And then the rain began to fall.


Working as I do in the solar power industry, there are a lot of greentards, soyboys, and estrogen dumps. I keep my mouth firmly shut, and concentrate solely on the job. When politics come up I change the subject or find some place else to be. I work hard, I get paid a wage to work with and for these tards, and some of 'em are nice folks despite their mental retardation. I suspect that if they knew my politics, ethics and beliefs most of 'em wouldn't be so nice. I work to maintain a mutually respectful distance from them and so far I've been successful.

The other day an email came by from on high - one of the students at the local college is in the alternative energy program, she's from Syria, and she had better get some money soon or she was going to be deported. I saw the link to the GoFundMe or whatever it was - and turfed the email right into the electronic garbage can without a second thought.

Now I am thinking twice about it. My attitude is that we have seniors eating cat food, we have service men in the military that have to hit the food banks to get by - and if I am going to be charitable with anyone, it will be my own first. Our own kids can't get good jobs or afford an education - and I am being asked to fund hers? Ummm… no. The other problem I have is that Canada, like America, has become a dumping ground for human trash from the third world.

I hope the management doesn't get stupid about that - but I ain't giving that girl a single penny

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Filthicus: Blood And Sand

This is why the Roman Empire fell. I promise the peasants and proles circuses, free bread and blood and death spurting across the sands of the arena, and instead I get.... oh, GAH!

Rest assured, the perps responsible will be fed to the lions!!!!

People That Resemble Their Pets

Hmmmm… wonder who this adorable feline belongs too...?

Sunny Spotted

Holy mackeral!!! How fast was he going when he did that???
Musta been at least 20 MPH!!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Into The Machine

Facing Changes

Saw this one on Gab today...

Jeez, that sure looks good, dunninit? That defiant eagle, clutching the battered stars and stripes in his talons. Yep. Sure looks good.

And... the message is good, as far as it goes. It is seriously time to stop taking shit off of the stupid, the arrogant, and the dishonest They have no right to do this to us. Trying to make concessions and be civil only makes them worse. Once you realize that, the rest is easy. Getting angry is good - it makes it easier, I guess.

But, when you start meddling with the same things that they are - by God Almighty - you had better be darned sure you know what you're doing or you'll end up at the bottom of the same slippery slope they have. 

The first thing you will need to change is yourself.

Dream ANALysis

I have most of the textbook tells of the average mope with severe psychological problems. The one I get the most often is the one where I am back in school, watching the insane procession of greek letters and characters (that infest process control theory and higher mathematics) march across the whiteboard in a meaningless, lunatic scrawl - and I understand none of it. Not one jot. The midterms are tomorrow, and I know I will fail. I understand that others have had experience with that one too.

But sometimes an echoing fart comes bubbling up out of my subconscious, of such a magnitude and stench that even I am dumbfounded at the scope of it.

This morning I couldn't wake up. The wife's cell provides the alarm function in our day, and tinkles a classic Japanese tune to start our day. I woke up just fine and was going to get up... and then just lost all ambition. Somehow I fell back deeply asleep!

I dreamed that I was asleep (I dunno how that works) - in camp. Instead of my fart sack though, I had blankets. I was surprised to be in a bed of sorts, out camping under tarps and stars. I threw back the covers and discovered that I had shat the bed!

I had flipped back the covers and there it was - a great, big fat smelly Texan the size of an NFL football! All I could do was look at it. Then I heard the boys nearby - knocking about and collecting their gear together for the day's hunting. If they came by and saw that, I would be the butt of rude jokes from here to eternity!!!

And then I woke up. Thankfully there were no Texans in bed with me. The wife was stomping around knocking and banging the way she does when she wants me to wake up.

I'm sure it's nothing serious - I'll take this matter up with a qualified professional like Jack or WL and be right as rain again in no time. Feel free to leave your expert opinion in the comments if you're so inclined. I probly just need more fibre in my diet or something!

Hope y'all had a great weekend - and may your problems this Monday morn be small and insignificant - like mine!

Monday, 12 November 2018

With Ice Fishing Just Around The Corner...

This helpful diagram will prevent inadvertent hockey break aways
and submarine incidents.

A Fresh Monday Morning Steamer

Comes from M. Silvius, who - like me - was treated with scorn and contempt the by the BBQ gods and their sinful lickspittles here on earth! But he did something about it - and made his own!

When you have skills and materials you don't have to take crap off of anybody. Now THAT is a BBQ fit for a noble Roman like Filthicus M. Silvius! I'll bet you a dollar to a donut that I could pay him to build me one at going shop and material rates - and still be money ahead on what I've spent on BBQ's from the commercial companies. Details of his build are here.

I've marked the blog for follow up - and thanks for stopping by, M.

Sunday, 11 November 2018


The greasy, skinny vegans, pacifists, and elderly hippies that make a hobby out of crapping on the military can't do anything right. But what do you expect from effeminate liberal men and their ropey mouthed women with hairy armpits? They worshipped uninspired, untalented musicians like themselves too (Bob Dylan is holding on line two...). The spoiled flower children of the 60's would start speeching and shrieking and singing against war at the drop of a hat - as if they had been there and were in a position to pass judgment.

Here is how an anti-war ballad SHOULD sound:

A whole generation butchered and damned.

Just a little over a hundred years ago, 3 generations back, young Freddie Filthie got on a train in Edmonton, England and headed off to war. They'd be back by Christmas - after they'd hung the Kaiser and kicked the Hun's arse. Instead, they found themselves facing machine guns, poison gas, and a demonic new weapon called the aeroplane. They did that armed with bayonets, trench shovels and horses. Their blood ran like rivers. At home wives and mothers and sisters lost some or even all the men in the family - at a time when people starved to death if they couldn't make ends meet.

I hope you have time to spare a thought or two for your ancestors.

Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Filthie Pyro Part One

Like most Albertans and Texans I know my way around a BBQ: ya put meat on it and burn it to a proper texture and you're good to go. I know there are artisans and chefs that can command a grill to the tastes of soy boys, vegans and eastern Canadian flimps and they are welcome to their posturing and preening. I can and have cooked over a wood fire and my wife is even better at it.

Be damned if I can keep a BBQ going though.

It drives me nuts. First - no way am I going to propane or natural gas. Screw that! I don't care how convenient it is, I don't care how controllable the heat is, hear me - I don't care. That leaves wood and charcoal and I am just peachy with it. But - every BBQ I buy dies before its time. It ticks me off, I've probably shelled out over a grand over the years for crap that falls apart after a couple years! Grrrrrr! Now I am hopping mad because my Traeger wood pellet BBQ seems to have calved after only two or three years. Bastid thing!!!

There's a time and a place for cheap grills, when I was a kid Pop brought along cheap Hibachi BBQ's when we went camping and they were made out of cheap pot metal. At the end of the season they were pretty much done and he'd just pitch them in the garbage and buy another one the next year. Then for some reason they stopped making them - I think it was because the campers started going to cheap propane BBQ's.

I was in Cabelas today and happened to score one of these:

It was over 200 beans Kanukistani, and it's made out of heavy cast iron. It's low tech, it's small so I can bring it in and store it when it cools off and not leave it out in the elements. We'll see how it makes out, I suppose. Two bolts hold the fire bowl to the stand - and the rest just falls together.

It should make for some interesting camp cookery this year if nothing else. I'll keep ya posted.

The Filthie Pyro Part Two

Gather round, men. We have some important business at hand that goes beyond rude jokes this time, and I will require your closest attention and best opinions and recommendations.

Here is my issue: years ago my wife and I were right into winter camping. We'd go out in temps that went right down into ranges where the vehicles might start having problems starting the next day and enjoy ourselves mightily. It goes without saying that for -20~30 C that you have the right gear. It goes without saying that the blood of a 35 year old runs a little hotter than that of a 55 year old too.

Now I don't want or need a full blown winterized RV. I am thinking I would LOVE to be able to do, say, -15~20 C at night and still stay warm - in the back of my little Toyota truck. Here's the problem with that though: propane heat scares the shit out of me. I do not want to be in the back of my truck sleeping with one of those on for fear that I'll wake up dead the next morn. Also, at those temps, propane starts misbehaving. Pentane does too. So, I've been stuck with the rotten wood slowly smoldering between my ears as I think about heat for my mobile ultra-mini camp rig... and then I saw this:

Now, a newbie to wood heat would think that little cub would be just perfect for small truck and canopy camper like me. But: that thing, if I am not mistaken - will belt out enough heat when it gets going to fry me. A lot of folks that have never experienced wood heat aren't really up to speed about how efficient it is. But I think I might be able to squeeze this into my truck bed for cold nights.

It would be cramped as hell, but remember, I only need to get out for a night or two on weekends. The install looks like it might be fairly simple and straightforward too. It's made so the airflow can be throttled so a guy wouldn't need to be running it at full blast all the time. I just need something to keep the condensation and frost at bay during the night. Using the reflective surfaces I think I can safely run it at night. It would just be me... if I had to bring the wife and dogs the space just wouldn't be there.


Saturday Screaming Memies

Ya just gotta like it.

Or, in the middle of the night when the neighbour's cat
comes up on the veranda to knock on the living room window
to wake up the sleeping dawgs.

That's the way of it these days.
It used to be the chicken headed soccer moms, the vibrants,
the drunks and chinks with their rice rockets on
Snow Days. Today it's old stubfarts
like Yours Truly with jacked up 4x4's...

Friday, 9 November 2018

Friday Night Retard Rifle Team


Oh I'm alright, it's only a flesh wound. But clearly, me and my retarded students need more range time and practice! Funny how the boys go to pot when shooting manly rifles rather than the poodle shooters, mouse guns, and so forth!

Are any of you lot sober enough to pull a bullet out of my arse this fine Friday night? While I await the surgeons - the rest of you settle in and enjoy some proper rifle instruction from our good friend - Private McKenzie.

Okay - I NEED a tam like that.
And if any of you slack jaw faggots make any rude jokes
about it - you'll get a bayonet in your gizzard
for your troubles!

How Old Is Too Old?

%^&*!!!  Take off that monster mask, Pete!!!

Oops. Why, excuse me Ma'am! I thought you were one of my retarded friends pulling a prank.... ahem. Harumpfffff!!!!! How embarrassing! Well then! Let us change the subject, shall we!

It seems to go for the gals more so than the guys - these silly old bints that hang around well past their due dates. Hillary Clinton should have been put out to pasture years ago. This old harridan falls asleep at public events. I heard on one of the sportsmen's forums that the old girl fell and couldn't get up - and all the wanks on the forum broke in applause and rude jokes! While that is in extremely poor taste - the fact remains: how can this woman be expected to do her job? Especially when some of them are certifiable lunatics like Nancy Pelosi.

Why do they do it? When I hit 65 - I've had it. I am out. I have too many important things to do: I'll  go pro at dawg walking, camping, and grumping. I am going to become an ace Crapcopter pilot, and I am going to bomb the living shit out of my arch enemies and fellow old goats like the Bayou Renaissance Man and that trained zipper of his - Aesop! Don't worry, my war machine will incorporate armour in case one of those buzzards gets lucky with some anti-aircraft fire...

The prototypes are in the air, Aesop.
Gase upon the instrument of your destruction and tremble in fear!!!

Besides those important tasks... I have an impending appointment with my Maker and Eternity. Now that I've checked out of the world - that is a thorny subject I am going to need to come to grips with too.

But that old biddy... she's been reduced to a mere place holder or a fixture. Maybe it's just me, but there are better ways to cash out and leave this world. I don't wish ill on her - but she really needs to go.

And I need to go to work! The kids I work go full blast all the time and it is good for me to as well - for now, at least.

Have a great Friday, y'all - and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

This Is Why We Need A Death Penalty


Now with no real family ties I often think about moving. I've heard that whites in Rwanda often build houses that look bleak and rundown on the outside - but are beautifully appointed inside. They do this so as not to attract the attention of any feral negroes that might be about. It might be a viable prepping strategy going forward.

The Times They Are A-Chanin'

I grew up in this town. It was like Mayberry back then. We all had paper routes, we all stayed out late and played at night during the summers, in winter we went down to the rink and played hockey.

On Tuesday a bomb went off prematurely down at the local library - about a mile from where I live. All we know is that only the driver was killed - "a 21 year old man" according to the cops. The car was packed with Tannerite. The local mayor is doing the standard proggie 'we'll stand together during this crisis' bullshit. Sure, guys. We're all united. That's why car bombs are going off in our parking lots. Or 'Canadian men' go off the rails and drive their trucks into crowds at public events. Screw you, Mr. Mayor.

I'm gonna say it: I'm thinking a certain blood cult, that idolizes a pedophile prophet may be involved. Call it a random guess. But never mind this grumpy old man from Alberta - look at our dashing prime minister! He's wearing pink socks!!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

From Uncle Bob's Porn Stash

Often my mind wanders back to the idyll of my youth. Baseball. BB guns. Bicycles. Sunshine.

Skin mags used to be out front in the stores  where us creepy kids could thumb through them at an age when we didn't know what that thing between our legs was or how to use it. There was no free internet porn like you pampered young punks have today; you had to pay for it - which would have embarrassed all but the coarsest men of the day. Or get it discreetly by subscription and hide it away so that easily corruptible kids (like Yours Truly) didn't find it.

Who woulda thunk that period authentic porn could take us back to an age where we were better men and women, living in better times? And yet - here we are. As I move into the head position here at Uncle Bob's Institute For Wayward Boys N' Retards, I keep finding Uncle Bob's stashes of retro-porn that make interesting windows in times long past. That's the only reason I read this stuff of course - harrrrumpfffff!!!

Holy Mackaral!!!!! Getting strafed by a fighter plane whilst 
fornicating in a hot tub??? 
You don't see stuff like this in today's low quality porn!
(Errr… so I'm told by creeps like Pete and Jack).

Hmpffff! Maybe I am wrong about
this idea that "porn was better back in the good ol' days."

Funny how potentially great writing always seems to get derailed on a Wednesday. 
Have a great Humpday, all a ya's!!! And thanks again for stopping by!

That's Why You Embrace Your Inner Idiot...

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Putting The Boots To The Chinamen

Because Canada is run by retarded socialist meat holes - we (as a nation) tend to get along with China fairly well and I suspect we see even more of their products in our markets than you Yanks do in yours. (We have the economy to show for it too) (and it serves us right as well)).

My experience in my limited dealings with their products is that it is really good - or really bad  - and no in-between! The chinks are dishonest as hell to boot. If you tell them you want your purchases to be of a certain standard or specification - no problem, you round eyed devil! They'll put in a piece of paper that tells you what you want to hear, and you will take them at face value thinking that what they sold you meets API/ASME/CSA/CEC codes and regulations - and find out later that the little yella bastids pulled a fast one on you.

That looks to me like your standard 
North American Jack-All.
Except for the break, mind you...

These were a dime a dozen when I was a kid and could be used to jack anything from heavy farm implements up to and including army tanks. Those things DID NOT BREAK. I will bet you a dollar to a donut that this jack came from China. How would you like to be under your car when this POS let go?

To be fair, the Chinese QA/QC and product quality is going straight up. The time will come when those guys are putting the Euros, Yanks, Japs and Koreans out of work - but they are probably going to kill a lot of people first.

Like many - I learned that in just about everything - you get what you pay for. For now I thank my Maker that I don't have to rely on Chinese made junk.

A Firearm Of Questionable Provenance


Never seen a side hinge gun before. It's an elegant piece to be sure - but of questionable utility to me personally...

Looks Like Jack Tagged Out!

Good work, Jack!

WL will pour a drink and supervise whilst me, Quartermain and Pete go to work dressing that sucker! We'll have him dressed out and steaks on the campfire faster n' you can think about it! HAR HAR HAR!!! Why - I think I will hit the flask before we get started too!

For any of you kings afield - things are heating up, and the hunting season is in full swing. The rut should be under way now for you deer hunters. I wish you all the best of luck, and as usual - I will assume you are all liars until I see pics - just like the one Jack was so kind to furnish here! :) This is your time, the field belongs to you - enjoy your place in it for as long as you are able!

For the younger noblemen taking to the field - don't be afraid to turn up your nose at a lousy shot. There is no sport in wounded game, and long shots are for poseurs liars and gas bags. Get close, put them down in one - and take your rightful place in Valhalla.

Best of luck to you all in the 2018 season!

Portrait For A Generation

Monday, 5 November 2018

This Is Why The Daisy BB Gun Was Invented

My big bro was a lineman. He just retired last year. Yep, he's doing the Freedom 55 thing. He started with the company at the age of 18 and never worked anywhere else. When he started back in the early 80's, he was your typical boisterous young union slob and would have been right at home with all those arseholes up there.

Then the gov't utility got privatized, and a lot of those mouthy union types were given pink slips. The old dead wood was pensioned off. Then the strikes started happening and things got REALLY nasty. He shocked the hell out of me when he actually crossed a union line to go back to work. I was shocked at the morality of it, to be honest. Those slobs were striking in the midst of hard times when the rest of us would have given our left arms just to have a job. The union lost that confrontation, but those guys play hardball - big bro was persona non grata among guys that were formerly his friends. The company did right by him though - and promoted him into management. Now he was stuck dealing with the same arseholes that he himself used to be. The second he was eligible, he cashed out, took his pension and retired.

Big Bro went through the same liberal family wringer I did but from the other direction. I think the experience changed him. He became quieter, angrier, and less sociable. Jeez - who does that remind me of?

When I retire, I think I am going to be a hermit. I might learn to garden and hopefully learn how to ignore the world.

It's Been A Good Week...

Well, the guys up at Gab are running again so there'll be no shortage of dirty and rude jokes. Looks like Trump is getting ready to meet that human trash on it's way in from South America at the border too.

It's not easy being a 20th century pig in the 21st century world. I've been accused of unspeakable crap by my own family for not having the right opinions and the wrong ethics, and been crapped on from one side of the internet to the other by homosexual, coloured and liberal SJW's and cucks! I been censored by them, accused by them, shouted down by them... and it's getting old. I've watched these pig ignorant know-it-alls run their mouths and ruin their families and now they'll ruin the nation if we let them.

It's nice watching the stuff that goes around finally coming round.
God, how I hate these people.

I understand you Yanks are voting tomorrow or the next day. I am praying that the shit libs, the democrats, the race whores, the sexual degenerates - I hope their entire rainbow goes up in flames. 

Good luck America. You are long overdue for it.

Monday Screaming Memies

Holy Mackaral!!!!

I'll admit right up front - I am a stubble jumping kadiddlehopper from the prairie province of Alberta. We don't get monsters like that around here. I know nothing about them, and I don't WANT to know anything about them.

But - if that was in my yard, city ordnances, firearm laws, bureaucratic BS be damned - I'd go out with the M14 and a couple 20 rounders and I would waste that critter without a second thought! You can't have something like that crawling around with toddlers and pets running around.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Into The Machine....

Arnie, Sly and Bruce Must A Been Playing Frisbee Again

It's fun and games until somebody gets a frag shoved up his backside, 
or a knife in the gizzard,
or falls out of an airplane...

When We Were Kings

Awhile ago there was a movie out about how they never would have made it to the moon if it weren't for a team of sooper-smart black ladies to do all the hard math for them. Of course my chicken-headed liberal mother was all over it and I did my best to tune her out. But you can see how the usual race whores could be offended by a pic like this - what with all those creepy-ass white crackers and shit. HAR HAR HAR!!!

What can I say except gabba gabba weebeejaba.
Just think where we'd all be without bitchy hormonal black women and tokenism!!!

I notice that Hollywood's decided there aren't enough packies and chinamen in the Old West either now. Real history is too racist too, so they are popping up everywhere too. This morning I watched some British fags comparing the British longbow to the Samurai recurve from Japan.

These Kippered faggots are shamelessly revising history.
It's the typical PC virtue signalling wankery that is destroying Britain
and Europe as we speak.
I wouldn't watch this soy-boy piece of excrement. It's a crockumentary,
not a documentary.

If the English longbowmen met the Samurai on the battlefield - they would have wasted them as easily as they did the armoured Fwench at Agincourt. The English war bow 'stacked' as it was drawn, and the archer was literally carrying the weight of three grown men on the bowstring at full draw. That's a far cry from the 50 or 60 lb. target bows the flimps in the vid are shooting. Fact is they have found the skeletons of medieval archers and they are instantly recognizable - because their very bone structure deformed from shooting those monsters. I actually gave this vid a thumbs down. I always try to leave creators with a thumbs up - I figure that if you go to the trouble to make something like a vid, you at least deserve that. But not this time. I even crapped in the comments, it was so bad.

This is just one of the toxic poisons the liberal left has foisted on us and you can clearly see how they move to address it. Our history clearly proves we are not all equal, so we have to omit or revise portions of it to make us all equal like we are today. There is something about this kind of historical revision that just ticks me off. You don't have to downplay your own history to admire that of others. The Japs independently developed calculus in the 1700's. They literally went from horseback to fighter planes and aircraft carriers in 80 years.

Two can play at that game. The Old Negro Space Program has appeared before. Unlike the documentary above - this one is well worth your time.

This is mostly yuks and laffs… but there is some profound thinking
to be had here too - if you have 
the intellect to see it.

Sorry for the grumping today. I must have woken on the wrong side of the bed or something.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Friday Filthicus: BLOOD AND SAND

Let's get this weekend started off right! With a night of brutality, savagery and DEATH!!! Those of you with weaker constitutions (like Pete and TB) should give this one a miss - even I cringe at the sheer animal violence of it!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those of indeterminate gender! This week, from the easternmost, godforsaken end of my empire: feathered ferocious females from the unplumbed profundity of COOPVILLE!!! And from obscure parts almost unknown, from the locale of Sunnybrook Farms: THE SUPERVISOR!!!

The horror...!!! The horror....

If you can still have a good weekend after having seen an awful spectacle like that - by all means - get after it! We'll see ya on the weekend once ya've recovered!

Thursday, 1 November 2018

No Deplorables Allowed

One of my favourite gunnies refers to Noo Yawk City as 'NYFC' (guess what the 'F' stands for).

That's okay, New York, I am not offended in the least! I will be happy to stay out of your city because only niggers and queers live there, HAR HAR HAR!


There was some feminist clap trap from some old hormonal cat lady proclaiming something to the effect that women need men like fish need a bicycle. There's gotta be a rude joke in here somewhere, but damned if I can put my finger on it right now. If you can - fire away in the comments.

There's far worse things a guy could be looking at on a Friday, right?

Have you hugged your wife today?

Thought So...

I think all that twaddle about there being 72 genders probably comes from
the same place.
But whadda I know?

Good Point, That...

Pete and Quartermain are hereby instructed to resume
work on the Doomsday Machine.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Non-Vertigo BARF Post

We gotta find new camp cooks, boys. Pete n' Jack are out of control!

Looks Like The BATFE Got Kicked In The Balls...

Serves 'em right, too... but at what cost?

As for me, I am sick and tired seeing gun geeks, gun club stubfarts and hunting sportsmen getting blamed for the violence and crime perpetrated by failed liberal social experiments.  That's all I can say out in the clear, up here in Canukistan the usual suspects are mulling a new pistol and assault rifle ban.

Drop the hammer on the criminals, you liberal arseholes, and leave me and my guns alone.

And Since We're Shelling Camp Borepatch...

The rest of ya's better mind your P's N' Q's lest YOU
be roasted by my rapier-like
wit too!

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Prepping For Halloween

Gather round boys.

Men, while the tots are out treating tomorrow night, it falls to me and a brave squad of senior delinquents to TRICK some miserable old bastids that are lacking in Halloween spirit! I've loaded up on eggs from Coopville. Quartermain has been crapping in flammable paper bags for the last week and storing them for use tomorrow night. We've raided TB's garden and gathered up any rotten fruits and vegetables that didn't get harvested.

Our first target is Mad Jack in Texas. The first squad will hit him with the Flaming Bag O' Laffs, the second squad will get him with the eggs, The third squad will get him with the rotten produce... and if there's anything left of him by then - the rear guard will polish him off by toilet-papering the remains.

Well HAR-dy HAR HAR, WL! Ya think yer funny, huh? Rest assured, you grumpy old fart - we'll be seeing you tomorrow night too!

As for the rest of you - be generous with the little ones - and maybe we'll spare you.

No promises though.

Halloween Costume UPDATE:

We have the first and second place winners for Halloween this year. The first kid was dressed up as a bottle of mustard. Even the Opportunity Students (Ops) here at Uncle Bob's are more inspired than that, HAR HAR HAR! The second kid was dressed up like that happy-faced turd emoji or smiley or whatever they are. Will we have a third place winner this year? Stay tooned!!!


I think we have our third place winner in the Senior's Unlimited Freestyle Class! I'm pretty sure it's ASM judging from his excellent physical condition: