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Saturday, 27 January 2018

.224 Valkyrie

The number of new and improved cartridges out there has gone beyond stupid. Most are ballistic clones of other standard cartridges and very, very few offer something better. The AR is a hotbed of new cartridge development and there have been some spectacular failures there - the .22 Nosler comes to mind. Reports I've seen indicate mediocre accuracy and an appetite for shredding brass. Who needs crap like that?

I watched the .224 Valkyrie cartridge development with interest. On paper it seems to address the failures of the .22 Nosler and might approach the ballistics of the .243 Winchester in a case usable by the AR platform. Preliminary range reports seem positive for the most part. Everything is still very preliminary as far as the hunting field is concerned, but the first reviews are coming in on that now too - and in my opinion, are less than stellar.

If yer squeamish, don't watch it.
I don't hunt like this and consider it rather unsporting myself,
but I live up in Alberta where a guy can still set up a base camp 
in the foothills and hunt where his feet take him.
Sadly, this is as close to hunting as many people can get
in the more populated states down south.

I subscribe to this channel and like the author's work for the most part. But lord, I think he shat the bed on this one. The .224 Valkyrie did a rather sloppy job on the bucks, and barely serviceable kills on the doe. Remember, these are lighter, thinner skinned critters than we get up north. I've killed deer with .25-06, .308, .303 Brit myself. I have seen them killed with .243, 7mm magnum .30-06, 300 win mag, etc etc. ALL of them will kill deer faster and more humanely than the Valkyrie did here. Oddly enough, in my personal experience, nothing - and I mean NOTHING - kills deer with the speed and authority of the .25-06. Oh sure, the bigger guns will kill 'em just as dead, just as fast... but then you get meat damage. Our boys in the vid kept these ranges really short, too. Their shot placement was perfect. In my biased and no doubt uninformed opinion - this cartridge is probably not a good pick for deer. If you have to use it, make sure you are a marksman with the discipline to reject less than perfect shots. I could be the one chitting the bed here - we need more hunters in the field and more metal in the meat to make an informed opinion.

Just my two bits, but there are far better guns for the job.

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