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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Another Job Interview This Morning

Well this morning I sat down with a kindly older fella who's having problems filling a job in industrial sales. He would like to hire a younger pup but the candidates he's getting are nothing short of dismal. We had an informal meet n' greet and there'll be another two interviews ahead if I get past this first one. Meh - I sent him a 'thanks for the interview' note on the email afterward - we'll see what happens.

The tomfoolery just keeps getting worse and worse with my current employer. I would just like to tell these idiots to kiss my ass and walk out... but it would be nice to have something to go to first. If The Old Man knew what the kids were doing to the company he built - he would be getting his belt out I'm sure.

I'm one of those guys that has to be happy at work so I might be in for a tough slog. I don't care where I work, I just want a job I can do, with people that are sane. Ya wouldn't think it'd be that tough...


  1. I remember quiting one job back in the early 90s when there were lots of jobs. Walked out the door and cranked up the car and the song Take this Job and Shove it started playing on the radio. I just fit. Anyway good luck, there are still people who want to work but I don't find them in jobs too often, they are off running their own businesses and doing work where they don't have to depend on idiots.

  2. Smart move. You've been restless for some time.
    Something good will come along, you'll see.
    Best wishes.