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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Filthicus: Blood And Sand

Once again the blog stats are in the crapper! Only artificially intelligent retarded bots, disgruntled old farts, and degenerates are tuning in - and I need to jack up the ratings either with blood sport or porn! And since my disgraceful conduct with 'girls and guns' incidents... my Rule 5 license got revoked - so we are back to gratuitous blood and violence!

Once again, vicious monsters from the far flung corners of the civilized world have been captured, and brought here to fight and die for your amusement! Behold, my countrymen: the first animal gladiators assemble for your entertainment, and their date with death and destiny!

I ask you again, my countrymen!!! Are you NOT entertained?!?!

Also for your amusement, friends, Romans and Americans: two mummers will be crucified in public for their low browed punnery! Let their painful deaths amuse the righteous - and serve as a warning to others that would try the patience of the Great And Powerful Filthicus!

Guards! I want these two killed as painfully and inhumanely as possible!!!!
...err... and I will deal with the rolls!

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  1. we loved the last filthicus with the tail wagging dog and kitten attachment.