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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Fuggin Pete...

... is picking on the retards again.

He has to be. I guess some rag heads blew up an ammo dump in Syria and it's all my fault because - HOBBY DRONES!!!! HAR HAR HAR! I got egged again in the comments by Aesop who has made some RUDE assumptions about my intellect! The arrogant WORM!!!

That vid clearly shows it as a rocket attack to me - you can clearly see the vapour trails as they go. I cannot believe a military man like Pete takes this crap seriously - he has to be joking. But some of the geriatrics in the comments are believing him and that's unfortunate.

For those of you wanting to build your own death dealing drone of unimaginable destructive power - may I recommend the Betaflight controller with the F4 co-processor.

They're about $40.00 US and good enough for my Crapcopters

For Pete and the boys, I have included a helpful circuit diagram that details how this miracle microprocessor will end life on the earth as we know it:

Yes. The jihadi rag heads have this technology.
Tremble in fear, ye patriots!

No, hobby drones don't blow up ammo dumps, fighter planes, or even crabby retired old farts that seriously should be blown up! The media is doing the same hatchet job on drones as they did with guns, Donald Trump and the current rape craze in Hollywood.

Trust me on this, you have far more to worry about on your plate than getting blown up by RC toys.


  1. I have to admit that when I saw this story the other day, the first thing I thought was what kind of payload could a drone carry? Could one even carry a hand grenade?
    Now don't worry until you see all the lawn mowers are missing in the neighborhood, think of it, drones made from four briggs and stratton motors roaring off into the distance, the first lawn mower drone that could lift some heavy munitions. All that is needed are some speakers on them playing Ride of the Valkyries as about 300 of these things fly off like angry wasps.

    1. Any payload the hobby stuff will have will be minimal, Sunny. I'll concede you can do serious damage to an aircraft if you can fly one into a jet engine, for instance. But the common hobby drones I am familiar with all have flight times of 15 minutes or less. In addition to the lift problem, flight duration is another issue.

      I had to laugh at the airplane 'drone' with all the tiny bomblets under the wings. they would have to be the size of thimbles... :)

  2. I haven't got the time or energy to write about this in great detail.

    Stop. Think. If these stories about the military efficacy of inexpensive drones were true, every military group able to scrape together $500 USD would be out buzzing and blowing up their target of choice right now, today. That would include the U.S. military - who do use drones, but the drones cost a bit more.

    These stories come under the same heading as the .50 caliber rifle taking down an airliner. If it could, the military would be using it. It can't, and they don't.

    A munitions dump in any third world country exploding is news to the owner of the dump, the folks living next door, and the enemy. If the enemy (whoever the hell they might be) wants to attribute the explosion to a hobby style crapcopter, by all means do so. People see it on the Internet and accept it as the Gospel truth. Then any blogger who caters to excitable, neurotic readers publishes the story along with a suitable commentary, and we all have something else to prepare for.

    Fine, hobby drones are dangerous. I have a shotgun. Bring 'em.

  3. Glen:

    I had a LOT of trouble trying to get my incredibly valuable comment to post on your blog. I don't know why, but when I checked the 'Notify me' box, the comment posted.

    Any idea what's up?

    1. I have no idea, Jack. I've lost comments from you, Deb, world famous author and explorer, WL Emery, and others.

      Blogger is ticking me off...