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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Funny - When It Happens To Somebody Else

Last night I went to 'Prayer Nite' at my wife's church where I've been getting drawn deeper into Christianity despite myself. At first I went along with it just to support the wife but now I am getting immersed in it too. The process was downright painful and still is on occasion. Ya gotta basically confront yourself and your actions and admit what a botch you've made of it. That's the easy part. Supposedly we can hand off all our sins to our Maker and that sounds great - but then ya gotta start making efforts to be a real, honestly better person. I struggle with that too - I'm told everyone does. It's a work in progress - I am still having to reconcile my modern scientific biases with the mythology of the bible and I swear, some times you can smell the rotten wood burning between my ears! HAR HAR HAR!!!

On prayer nite someone picks somebody they're worried about and they explain what's going on - and the rest of us are supposed to pray for him. There's some old folks that aren't doing well and have health issues. The kids across the aisle were praying for one of their friends that got into drugs and disappeared. There's couples with foster kids with issues, and stuff that just makes me want to give thanks that I don't walk in their shoes. My recent employment issues are small potatoes compared to stuff like that.

One a the old boys at the church gave me one a those little tiny bibles they used to hand out to the kids back when we were in school. I guess they aren't allowed to do that anymore because some Marxist  hermaphrodite's milk will curdle or something. I've been reading it too; I've just about finished Matthew and will be on to Mark and all the rest of 'em in due course. Even if you are an outhouse Christian like me - this is fascinating stuff. Good grief - there is a pile of wisdom and strength and truth in this little book and I seriously have to wonder how utterly f***ed you have to be as a human being to deny it to our little ones in school. Denying kids access to something like this is an act of depravity.

Right now the lemonade is a little tart - but I'm doing about as good as a fella like me can do I guess.
Have a great Thursday.


  1. Hey Glen,

    Good thing we don't have to rely on our own righteousness, or we'd be in big trouble.

    Here's a funny video you might enjoy.
    Tim Hawkins - Atheist Kids' Songs

    Have a look into intelligent design.

    The Creation Conversation - Part 1 - Stephen Meyer and Michael Behe

    Keep the faith brother.


    1. Well thanks for stopping by Jeff!
      I'll tell ya, it's harder than you think for a guy that has been trained to scoff at creationism without a second thought. The hell of it is that there are a lot of holes in classical Darwin theory but you never hear them these days.
      I will check them out.

  2. A friend of mine explained it to me this way.

    We Christians are all a work in progress, and just like something you might make in wood working class, we require a little sanding down on the rough spots. When you sand the rough spot off a piece of wood, that sanding produces heat. The more sanding, the more heat. Heat can be a bit uncomfortable sometimes, but we have to stay with it, because we're a work in progress. See?

    My commentary?

    My favorite pastor was Jim Riccitelli. There was nobody like Pastor Jim, and if he ever needed sanding, the Lord was using a little 600 grit sandpaper, or maybe some fine steel wool. Now me, I require a belt sander.

    And that's pretty much how it works.

  3. Second try at posting this. I suppose you didn't delete it the first time I posted. Anyway... I checked the 'Notify me' box when I first posted, and sure enough my post was echoed back to me. Then I got notified when another comment was posted, and then I dropped in to see what was new and interesting - and my comment was gone.


  4. Interesting that these realizations dawn on us (me, too) as we get older and (in my case, at least) as mortality is no longer in the rear view mirror.

    Better late than never, says I.

    God bless.