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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Going Cross-Eyed

Well I finally got a bible from the old fella at my wife's church a week back, it's one a those little ones they hand out to kids in elementary school! I've been chewing on it for a week now and finally finished the first chapter.

I could read it faster but there's a lot here. I used to think of these passages as so much claptrap - but once you sit down with them and chew on them - there's a lot going on here and some of it gives some serious pause for thought.

Today the pastor or deacon or whatever his title was - was speechin' about how we are honour bound as Christians to respect our gubbimint leaders, our employers and treat them with deference and courtesy. For me it was like swallowing a great big turd; it goes against my grain to treat chitbirds like Justin Trudeau (Turdo La Doo, as we call him up here in Canada) - with respect. And my career has trained me to treat employers as they treat employees - if they are dishonest and abusive I walk away and no bones about it. I'm unemployed right now because my former employer has turned into a real nasty piece of work. I submitted my notice, and treated them well - but I told them EXACTLY why I was quitting and wouldn't be dealing with them in the future.

For the first time I find myself seriously at odds with the man at the lectern, it's been my experience that if you submit to bullies, they never go away - in fact, they start pushing you for as much as they can. Although I would never abuse my new found faith to pray for a steam roller to run over Turdo La Doo... I am not above buying a round for the house if it happens. There are some people in this world that we are just better without.

I can see him saying we should pray for our leaders, and I will render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's ... but I will not bow down to him.


  1. as you read keep in mind that's the king james version. he paid for it, so it got leaned in his direction during the translation. that whole "give unto ceasar what is ceasar's" thing wasn't in the original text. neither was the "obey man's laws" clause. the good book has been translated back and forth like 8 major times, losing a bit in each one. there are many words in the original text that would take a whole book to themselves to translate their meaning properly. you have to study the context, and the history in order to discern the true word.

    1. Fascinating - thanks for stopping by, RR!

      I am not surprised. I am no theologist ... but as I read my first chapter, it DID seem that passage was out of place somehow.

      And much as I want to be a Christian, that whole 'turn the other cheek' thing may be beyond me. I am not a martyr, and I don't think that bible was written as a suicide pact.
      But what do I know of such things? I'll try to be a good a man as I can.

  2. Glen, I have that very version in my glove box of the my car. I got it in high school from the Gideons, who were handing them out. Most of the Psalms I have memorized are from this version - I love the "Original" King James English for them.

    And to employers, my opinion is much as yours. I treat them as I treat me - and have no compunction about leaving places where I am not treated well (read the sections that talked about how Masters were to treat their slaves - in Roman times, owned property - and measure how most businesses treat their employees).

    As to governments, there have been varying opinions around this over the centuries. Luther very much believed in always obeying the civil authorities; the American Founding Fathers found justification for a revolution. And arguably we are not bound to follow governments that simply are evil: the German people not questioning Hitler and submitting without questioning authority (in large numbers, anyway) brought about the horrors of the Holocaust.

    1. Great minds think alike, TB. Hey - thanks for stopping by!

  3. i hope the speaker meant to treat everyone politely.
    to overlook evil is a sin.
    if the government sins in a republic it is the duty of the citizen to say so.
    i write letters to congress people. they probably throw them out but it is still my duty to make the effort.
    we don't respect evil. but we do live in government rules.
    the people who wrote the Bible didn't have a vote for the most part.
    pray about everything.
    hard to remember that God is in charge and will clear up the mess one day, or so we are promised.

    1. That must have been what he meant, Deb. But the way he said it just did not sit right with me even with the biblical quotes and verbage.