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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

He Just HAS To Be One Of Ours

I hesitated to post this one because one of my more respectable readers is in a pickle something like this right now. But he is a good egg, and if I have overstepped my boundaries - I would hope that he would see that it was meant in fun. But part of me could see him pulling a stunt like this were he not a gentleman of admirable chivalry.

I've never been divorced, but I know what it's like to have your heart broken by women and sometimes a good sense of humour and sport is all ya got.

Open roads, boys, and may the winds be at your back.


  1. This guy has the right idea and he should get it framed.

    1. He reminded me of you, BW. Just as you can find some desolate, forsaken landscape and make a beautiful picture of it - this guy found cheer and humour in the darkest of times. I admire the strength of character you guys have to do stuff like that.

    2. I was sure you were referring to me when I saw the post. Some days you just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.

      Mad Jack has it reasonably right.

    3. Ha! See this? I have it reasonably right.

      I'd like a little more respect around here. I think it's called for, given that I'm righter than most of you bums.

    4. If BW confers the honour of respectability on you, then let it be so!
      All hail Mad Jack, slayer of migraines and hemorrhoids!

    5. I did get a female divorce lawyer. I am also already doing most of what Mad Jack suggested. I did it a few years ago. The courts here move slow.

  2. Just sittin' around drinkin' and shootin' the shit, and when the subject of divorce comes up some 40-watt bulb will say, "Well, there's two sides to every quarter." The worst part about this is that the equally brilliant floodlight next to him doesn't deck him with a bar stool.

    I have yet to find a divorce where both people are equally at fault, and if you're dating a divorcee you'd do well to meet her ex at least once, providing he really isn't the drunken, cheating, no-account asshole that she claims he is. Take, for instance, my very own ten miles of bad road: Migraine One.

    Migraine One used to run down her ex all the time, and I'm sure he had a few faults, but I met the man about six months into our relationship, as it's technically referred to, and I thought he seemed alright. What I didn't see was that the man really was pretty much okay, and that Migraine One was a neurotic with psychotic episodes and a drinking problem. Now it's pills and wine, with the same neurosis and the occasional psychotic break. Plus, she's violent.

    And I'll tell you something else. Unless the guy really is a total dickhead and deserves to gain a little weight (six ounces of lead delivered at 1100 fps in tiny little pellets) followed by a swim in the lake, if he's pretty much a regular guy, he'll probably tell you why the marriage ended in a train wreck, and he'll be telling you the truth. He'll probably own up to his part, but for the rest of it - listen real closely, then take a hard look at the past few months and ask yourself if he's lying.

    If and when you do get divorced, get yourself a blood thirsty, bitter, female divorce lawyer and tell her to clean the old witch out. Buy yourself a burner phone and use it for all your important calls. Move your important papers somewhere off site, along with whatever you have that you don't want to lose. Because, you see, you're now sleeping with the enemy. Oh, and make sure you file first.

  3. Jack, EVERYONE goes through the wringer these days. My daughter is out there telling EVERYONE that she can never set foot in the city of Edmonton because her hatey, homophobic father will kill her. Recently I sent her an email telling her that if she wanted to stop by the house and see her mom - I could arrange to be out of town so that my awful presence doesn't curdle her milk or something. No response. The worst sin you can commit as a man is to expose these women as liars and manipulators. I'll tell you something else too: most 'spousal abuse' and 'battered women' are fakes too.
    Uncle Bob and any number of scholars that study women have offered up theories as to why women are pulling this shit and doing these things to us and to themselves. My theory is that they aren't happy with themselves, and they project that onto the men nearest to them. Feminists be damned - without a home, family and kids... most women are unfulfilled. The modern woman does not understand what a 'powerful woman' is. That is why female clerics are such a joke. Our pastors in our church are men out of respect for tradition. But you look at who is teaching the kids in Sunday school. Who are caring for the seniors and keeping them engaged during the week? Who raise the concerns of the community and prioritize them? It's mostly women, and they are loved and respected for it.

    You preach to the choir, Jack. Somehow God blessed me with a woman who was above all the crap confronting our gals today. I dunno what I did to deserve this woman while men like you get raked over the coals by shrews that should be better than that. I don't understand the world I live in.

  4. You didn't do anything to deserve your wife. You got blessed, and that is that. You might remember to thank the Lord this Sunday or sometime or other.

    I've seen battered women who really and truly are battered and abused. It's a sad situation, made worse by the legal system and the governmental child care and custody bureaucrats. I've also seen women who were the furthest thing from battered or abused that you can get, and the nasty witch claims she's been beaten, raped and gaslighted . She hasn't, and she knows it, so she gets the kids to help her. And the kids don't understand what's going on - they're kids.

    Well, anyway...

  5. Hey Filthie: Do you know why divorce is so expensive?

    Because it is worth it................