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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Jack Goes To Hell

And it serves him right!
Drink it straight, right out of the jerry can boys.

I don't care for Glenfiddich myself - or at least any of the bottling I have been able to lay hands on. Good scotch is NEVER mixed. Not even water or ice. It should be served at room temperature, beside a brook or campfire, and be accompanied by a cigar of respectable make.

Dunno if that holds for bourbon but I handle that the same way and have never been disappointed.


  1. Son of a Bitch!

    Just when I thought Blogger fixed the problem with the vanishing comments, another one vanishes. The comment echoed to my email account just fine, and it was here on the site when I left. I come back, and it's gone.
    This is bullshit.

    Here's the comment, posted again:

    Truly, there are very few ways to drink a good Scotch whiskey. Straight up, at room temperature. Chilled, with one large ice cube. If it's good Scotch, I've always drunk it at room temperature, straight up.

    Good bourbon is drunk the same way, but if it's just mediocre bourbon (and a lot of it is), you can drink bourbon and branch water or a manhattan cocktail, chilled or on the rocks.

    Mind you, some Scotch is so strong that many people can't drink it. I've found that to be true at a Robbie Burns dinner, where a flight of Scotch is served. Keep an eye on the women around you, and when one turns up her nose at the Laphroaig, offer to take it off her hands so it doesn't go to waste.

    1. Okay. Whaddaya consider a good bourbon Jack? I had Blanton's and it wasn't bad. I've got Four Roses and am indifferent, and Maker's Mark, ditto. Boubon is not exactly plentiful up here in Canada and there isn't a lot to choose from... any recommendations are sincerely appreciated!

    2. And - sorry about the gong show in the comments.

      Fuggin Blogger sucks cack.

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  3. Angel's Envy: I've had it. It's well above average.
    1792: Had it. It's good bourbon, better than average.
    Bulleit Bourbon: This is the default cocktail bourbon. It's only okay by itself, but make a nice manhattan cocktail, and this is my first choice.
    Bulleit Rye: Same as the bourbon.
    Eagle Rare 10 Year: Excellent! Smooth, with a very nice aftertaste.
    Elijah Craig: Well above average.
    Elmer T Lee: Never had it, but I hear it's a real bargain IF you can find it.
    Evan Williams Single Barrel: The price is right. I'd go for it.
    Henry McKenna Single Barrel: It's 100 proof, 10 years-old, and the price is right.
    Jefferson’s Very Small Batch: I've had this, and it's not as good as advertised or reviewed. Still, it's above average, it's just that there are better values around.
    Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 Year: It's Beam. Not good, not bad. Maybe a shade better than average.
    Johnny Drum Private Stock: 101 proof. I've had it once, couldn't find it again. It's above average, and I'd tend to use it for cocktails.
    Knob Creek: overpriced, and doesn't appeal to me. Some like it better than I do.
    Larceny: The name says it all. It's interchangeable with other average brands, for the most part.
    Maker’s Mark: People swear by it, but I never did see or taste anything worth raving about. If anything, if falls into the same category as Knob Creek - overpriced, overstated, 'way overrated.
    Old Forester 86: I've had it; it's good bourbon.
    Russell Reserve 10 Year: Far better than average.
    Woodford Reserve: Oh yeah! Woodford is the real stuff, and is halfway between average and top shelf. Closer to top shelf.
    Gentleman Jack: Sippin' whiskey. Gooooood sippin' whiskey.
    Hudson's Bay: Top shelf. Top, top shelf, kept in the back, where no one will ever find it.
    Wild Turkey American Honey: for after dinner. This is a sweet drink, served at room temperature in a brandy snifter, chased with coffee.

    Although I've never tasted it, Pappy Van Winkle is supposed to be the best of the best ever. I've had pre-prohibition whiskey that was 30 years in the wood, and so smooth that after drinking a shot, you'd swear every other distillery on the planet was trying to poison you. I tested my theory once during the evening card game, years ago.
    My brothers Shotgun Bob, Big Mike, California Dave and I all sat down at the table on Saturday night to have dinner together, cards and whiskey after. We had access to my grandfather's whiskey cabinet, and the old boy had pre-prohibition whiskey in there - unopened. So... we helped ourselves to a shot, maybe two, in an evening. One night I stopped at the liquor store and bought some top shelf whiskey to try a little experiment. When whiskey time finally arrived, I went out to the kitchen by myself and quietly poured four shots out of the new bottle.

    "What the fuck is this shit?"
    "Yeah, this ain't right!"
    "What are you tryin' to do, poison us?"
    "Jack, no shit, what is this swill? Did the bottle go bad somehow?"

    I laughed, poured out the content, washed the glasses, and served up the good old stuff. We were only in our 20s, and we had learned the difference.

    I have some Hudson's in my liquor cabinet, which is what I generally drink for sippin' whiskey. Eagle is my second choice; Angel's Envy is very good as well.

    Keep in mind that bourbons differ. Some people love Old Grand Dad; I don't, but some do. My only beef is with Knob Creek and Maker's Mark. Both are supposed to be great, and they aren't. They are overpriced, and overrated. As a result, people take a pass on some obscure bourbon that is actually quite a bargain.

    Tip: If you want tequila for any reason, get a bottle of Two Fingers - you'll never be sorry. Smoooooooth!