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Thursday, 4 January 2018


The other night though I was chatting with the wife and she had a gift certificate from her employer as a Christmas bonus. I snorted in disgust; my wife (and all the girls she works with) are darned good workers and they care and give a hoot about what they do. $25.00? For somebody like that? That stays late, puts in extra when required, and is a big asset to the team? I snorted in disgust. I got $500.00 from my employer and thought that was kinda chintzy - but I hurriedly squelched that one, there's a lot of people around that didn't get a thing. I try for humility, at least. On occasion...

In any event, my wife gave me the very hell of it too! No, she said, it wasn't a chintzy gift! What in hell was wrong with me? When we were kids and I had no education and was bouncing from menial job to scut work in a recession economy - I had to string together about 2 and sometimes three part time jobs just to make ends meet. I'd drive a forklift, do warehouse work and menial chores just to pay the bills. A lot of us did back then. One of my employers gave all us part timers all a really, really small turkey and $50.00 as a bonus. My wife did up the turkey, bought some toys for our little one we had our own Christmas dinner. That was a really, really big deal for us in those hard times. Gawd how I love my wife.

That was 35 years ago... and I had forgotten all about it. It came back with the force of a hammer blow, remembering the kid, the wife, a scabby Christmas tree, when we were all a family still... Somehow that handsome young buck with the pretty gal of a wife, and cute kid turned into this grumpy old man who's a little over on the conceited side, perhaps. Must a happened last night while I slept.

Maybe YOU should take a trip down memory lane, and see what treasures may have slipped by the wayside.


  1. May as well rip off the rear view mirrors and watch the road ahead.

  2. I did. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, and I think Sunnybrook Farm has the right of it - watch the road ahead. It's where you're going.

    I remember getting a $50 Christmas bonus and thinking it was generous. It wasn't terribly generous, but it was okay. Later on in my career I was working as a contract programmer, and so had no holidays or much by way of a bonus, but I realized I didn't need one. Poor me, right?