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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Politics: Eeeeeeevil Joooooos

Yesterday at coffee I was being entertained by King Peter Of Poland and his wife, Mary. Pete is an unabashed anti-Semite. I love the guy - we were at Starbucks, a literal shitlib/snowflake political safe place where the guys all ride light in the loafers, and half the women have bigger balls than their men - and Pete lectures loudly and proudly about Jewish malfeasance! Oh man - if looks could kill, we would have both been reduced to small, smouldering piles of ash! HAR HAR HAR! I'll bet we offended more than a few greasy gay hipsters and hairy chested feminists yesterday!

The first time Pete spouted off about Joos a couple years back, I got offended because I was brought up to unconditionally respect them - and I did for years. But slowly - especially after meeting Pete - I started checking things out for myself and I noticed that Pete was right about a whole bunch of things - and the Jews - as a group - were not being entirely honest with the rest of us.

Pete and a lot of guys like him turn us off because they give eeeeevil joooos magical powers that can turn the rest of us into unthinking peons that will do their dirty work with one dirty look from a Rabbi. No, the joo on the street probably did not do 911, start WW1 and 2, or destroy the stock market in 1929 etc etc ad nauseum. I don't like conspiracy theories on the whole. The ones I despise most are the ones that are too plausible.

But... they do own large chunks of Hollywood and the mass media. Nobody can deny that their conduct lately has been anything short of deplorable. They are vastly over-represented in politics where they have been big players in The Deep State. They are going all in with this Russia-gate crap. Worst of all - in today's society it has become almost illegal to criticize them. I could see the twinks and flinks around us at Starbucks getting seriously triggered by the conversation.

Unlike King Peter, no, I don't think we need to round them all up and make soap and lampshades out of them - but as a group? Welp, I think it's safe to say that as a group, they are very intelligent, they are very hard workers - and they are out for their own good - same as anyone else in that regard. And same as anyone else - power and money tend to corrupt. Hell, if I owned the media and politicos there would be no gun laws, no affirmative action, no immigration, and no funding for the liberal arts in secondary education. I could be easily corrupted too.

I don't think we need to be suspicious of Jews... but we definitely need to be skeptical. These guys have their own agenda and that's fair, we just need to make sure it coincides with ours before we commit to partnering up with them on anything, or letting them influence us.

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  1. any group tends to coalesce especially under stress or in light of rewards. natural survival behavior.
    cells fighting germs or people under some type of threat.
    but power corrupts.
    while we may not agree with the other members of the various groups we belong to, we will draw together in time of need.
    jews see themselves as a group under attack, so they band together.
    so do negroes, latinos and other 'out' groups ere.
    in other countries they gather into their clan [tribal] groups.