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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Pretty Much...!

A cull like this would really make America great again.

The lunacy just keeps rolling on and on and on. I just love how Trump operates in the public spotlight, where everyone can see EXACTLY what he's saying and doing - and how the lickspittle media slobs try and spin it into something sinister and evil.

As an adult I spent a lot of my life actually trusting much of what I saw in the media. I think I stopped trusting them around 10 to 15 years ago when you could go on the internet and literally SEE for yourself what was going on around the corner and around the world. I didn't subscribe to any newsrags but if I did I would have cancelled them. How long has this kind of crap been going on? 

Nevertheless, there's a lot of idiots and especially old geriatrics that still trust the media and not surprisingly - they're all pretty much liberals.

I was on another blog where the liberals were losing their bloody minds and swearing enough to make ME blush. Gawd - what a bunch of nasty pieces of work. Naturally I goaded and trolled a few but quickly got bored and left them to their circle jerk. I like the fact that finally a leader with some stones is being as mean and nasty with them as they have been to us for years. Some people need to be offended and of those, more than a few need a punch in the snoot. 

We could use a guy like that up here in Canada.

EDIT: Case in point

Oh no! Whatever will we do without music from these elderly

That'll learn us real good, Bono. Anything that shuts him up is a Good Thing.

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