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Monday, 15 January 2018

Put In My Notice Today...

Welp, she's been a heckuva ten years.

I tell you - I met some remarkable people and saw some incredible stuff on this job. I've seen men and machines moving mountains of steel and iron, spanning rivers, building sky scrapers and massive gas and oil plants. And I was part of it. Back at the office there was politics, lunacy, stupidity and incompetence... and I was a BIG part of that too! HAR HAR HAR! I've been up north at the crack of dawn swatting bugs the size and bite of chainsaws, and at the Cheviot Mines in the Rockies when the thermometer on the truck said -38C.

But our market here in Alberta has tanked. My customers are closing doors, those still open are on life support. I've taken a big cut in pay once, and probably would take another huge one if I stay. The company has gone really nasty now, hiring a couple new salespeople with the intent to play them off against each other. One's a vibrant, the other is a young lady. I feel sorry for them. The owners no longer listen to me or care how things shake out with the customers, personally I think they are going to sell the business any day now. It's my time to go. It's not the same place anymore and maybe that's a good thing for some people. Rather than having me work the two weeks, they said they'll pay me off and let me go today. My company truck, cell, ipad, and keys go back tomorrow. There won't be any issues with any of that - I love the owners and respect them... even after all this BS.

10 YEARS... how the time flies.
God willing, I am going to take that hard hat out
and put it up on 'Filthie's Fencerow'. 

"Filthie's Fencerow" is a barbwire fence along the highway up to Fort McMurray. Every fence post along that stretch has a hard hat nailed to it. If I find a job where I won't need that lid - I'll find a vacant fencepost, and nail my lid up on that fencerow as well!

How many miles are on those chit kickers?

I dunno what I'm gonna do. I don't know if I want to do sales anymore, where I have to put on that mask and be the best friend of every potential customer I come across. I DO know that I am going to hunt for jobs hard, and do some good things for myself that I haven't been able to do for one reason or the other. I've picked up far too much weight, for example. All that road food and rich heavy meals add up. I am going essentially vegan for the next couple weeks just to get in the habit of controlling what I eat. I am way too smart to be this heavy. I've been at it a week and I'm already down about 4 pounds. I intend to continue that. I'll need to extend my Dawg Patrols and exercise more. I am going to get closer to my Maker, my wife and my Dawgs and lean on them a bit. Unemployment is a squirrelly business for me.

Financially I can't afford to retire (wouldn't THAT be nice!) - but I don't have to be pulling down $120K a year anymore either. My bills are paid, we have a little money saved up and God willing, maybe I can find a good job with friendlier loons and more manageable work loads and goals. I would LOVE a job driving a snow plow or a bus or something that I can actually do without having to work miracles for a-holes that won't appreciate them. Every job has its sucks and blows, I suppose.

Rotten jokes, offensive slurs, and general flubdubbery will resume shortly. I just need some time to reflect. 


  1. Smart move. You've been restless for some time.
    Something good will come along, you'll see.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks for that, OT. It's sincerely appreciated.

  2. you have been under lots of pressure. this move will ease your mind. rest easy.

  3. I never left one job and not find a better job a short time later.

    I've always been intolerant. More so as I've not aged well. I don't have a lot of patience for stupid people, ignorant people, greedy people... I suppose people in general, although there are some notable exceptions. Mainly gun owners, and mainly conservatives. I'm tolerant of most real Christians and even a few pseudo Christians.

    In particular, I do not respond well to abuse of authority, which is what I've seen from upper management in recent years. They don't manage so much as they seek to control. Bunch of a**holes if you ask me.

    Take a few days to regroup. Have a little holiday of sorts, and take life easy. Have lunch with your favorite sky pilot.

    It may be time to change careers, providing the right position came along.

  4. Thank you all for stopping by. It has been a rough couple weeks.

    All is not lost! Jack has offered me a job scrubbing the terlets, emptying the spittoons, and cooking at his new restaurant where I will be the head chef! Mac and cheese for everyone! :)

    1. Okay, Glen? About that job, there may be a little snag or two. Down here South of the Big Ice border, we have a governmental department called the Health Department, and their job is to go around inspecting restaurants and places like that. So when they showed up for the ten year inspection... it didn't go well. Something about liquor, food, dogs, women and nudity, and violations. And what with Trump and all this illegal immigrant business, how was I supposed to know? She said she was from Los Angeles.

      So the thing is, our grand opening is going to be postponed for a while. I'm thinking right after the trial, but my attorney (Johnny the Hammer) tells me I should wait a while until the heat's off.


      Say, you still got that spare room you were talking about?

  5. Good luck Glen. Just if it is pulling down your stress levels, it is worth it. For things like jobs, I have found that my inner "gut" telling me to make a decision like leave is usually the right one.