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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Quartermain Knocks One Outta The Park

One of the good things about being an old fart is that I was alive back when science fiction was still mind-blowing stuff. Guys like Heinlein, Asimov, Clark - they were still around and still writing a few books. I was addicted to it as a kid

As an adult I can't stand it anymore. About 10~12 years ago the social justice warriors infested the genre, and then it all became about pushing Marxism, feminism, homosexuality and other degenerate BS. I'm not kidding either, I would be ripping along reading a great story - and then get sandbagged by a detailed, lurid passage describing two (or more) butt-blasting characters going at it. It would just boot me out of the plot and left me wanting to throw it in the garbage. Ya can't give a book like that to a friend or they'll thin you are a butt blaster too!

As a master literary critic I would say SF peaked in the 60's and 70's. One of the best short stories I ever read was "Flowers For Algernon" - Quartermain has the goods and a decent snapshot.

I probably read it in an anthology of short stories that I had picked up back in the late 80's. It was the last mind-blowing SF yarn I ever read. It's unfortunate because the stuff being written today ... well you can tell it was written by joyless and misguided people.

If you haven't read this wonderful short story - do yourself a favour. It's probably dated now, but some of the best wines are old ones.  :)


  1. You can't escape the gratuitous fudgepacking in the media anymore, Glen! It's in print, in the movies, and on TV. Hell; t's even in the commercials!

    What gets me is when one of my (fully grown) kids says "So what's so wrong with that?" The public school indoctrination obviously worked. What they never heard was the actual human history; the fact that EVERY society that embraced homosexuality as "normal" has FAILED soon after...

    All we can say is "We warned you..."

    1. Oh yeah. It STARTED in SF books. So I said to hell with SF and started reading historical fiction - but it started creeping into that too.

      And yeah, it's all over TV now. I don't watch much TV anymore and I am very picky about what I pull down of Netflix and iTunes.

  2. Glen, I seem to have reached the point where I really do not read any fiction written after, say, 1985 or so. The story has been lost in the need to make everything culturally relevant for the now.