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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Range Day

Been unemployed for a week now. Every day I wake up and scour the job boards and career sections of the better companies and apply for anything that sounds promising. I don't care so much about money as I do about working conditions. I don't want to work for nutters.

Speaking of which, the other salesman at my old company put in his notice too, a week after I put in mine. It shouldn't matter to me because I quit and walked away - but the separation hasn't fully kicked in yet, I guess. I am glad he had the smarts to leave as I did - but I'm sad to see 10 years worth of work going down the crapper as the company runs itself into the dirt. But - you can only look in the rear view mirror so long - your eye needs to be on the road ahead too.

Today I am going to do some banking, run some errands and then head out to the range. I feel guilty, enjoying the range when I should be working - but ya gotta look after your mental health too. I get squirelly without a job and need work the same way I need food and water.

Welp, the sun's gonna be up soon and then I'll be burning daylight. Time to saddle up, and head out for Dawg Patrol. Ya'll have yourselves a good Tuesday - and be thankful for your job if it's one you can handle.  :)


  1. Glen, one of the greatest struggles I have had when I change jobs is..well, moving on. I still tend to enmesh myself in the people and the situation, although they have all moved beyond me the day I walked out the door. It is a mental challenge (or has been for me, anyway) just to let things go, especially if I leave angry and bitter (which has happened).

    1. Amen, TB. The world doesn't owe me a blessed thing and I did alright while I was there.