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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Range Day

I am guessing that's a Springfield...?
Darn it. I am starting to get a hankerin' for cast lead bullets
and holy black powder again.
Here is a treat for those of you that can't make it out today.


  1. Son of a BITCH! This comment vanished and is being reposted.

    It might be a Springfield, but I don't recognize it as such. My old granddad had a model 1884 Springfield Cadet Rifle in .45-70, which my brother Shotgun Bob has now. The old skinflint used to shoot .410 shot shells in it, and it would split the brass. Which didn't bother him. He also would hand reload those .45-70 rifle cartridges without using a scale for the powder. He'd just kind of eyeball it, and when he thought it was enough he'd tap the bullet in place.

    Me, I never shot the thing, but it didn't show any signs of damage that we could see. Nice rifle.

  2. I know enough about antiques to be dangerous, Jack. If I recall correctly, your Springfield trap door guns were re-worked rifles that had been converted from muzzle loaders to metallic cartridge breech loaders. Kinda like our Canukistani/British Snyder Enfields.

    I could be full a beans too. I just loved the pic...