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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Sensitivity Mobs

I don't do Twitter for fear of some internet wise arse bunghole shoving both of my feet in my mouth for me the same way it happened for this virtue signalling social justice warrior here.

We had the same issue up here awhile back with our football team, the Edmonton Eskimos. Apparently the term 'eskimo' is offensive (no doubt, to some white male liberals) - and a big to-do broke out about changing the name of the team. I dunno whatever happened with that, I don't do sportzball or social justice either.

Such are the problems of stupid people with no lives, I guess. As for me, it's range day today, so I have better things to do.

Lookit that fuggin' polar bar with all his toxic masculinity
and white privilege!

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  1. They aren't alone. In my old hometown, I found this ongoing battle hadn't been decided as yet.

    Bowsher Community Reconsiders Rebels Moniker By Sarah Elms Published on Aug. 27, 2017

    In Toledo, Ohio, Bowsher HS opened in 1962. The kids voted to name themselves the Bowsher Rebels, and their football mascot was a Confederate cavalryman mounted on a horse and carrying the Confederate battle standard - the now-controversial Stars and Bars. Now they want to change it to something else. The Bowsher Sportspersonlike Snowflakes? With the mascot as a pseudohermaphrodite thing carrying a giant, plastic snowflake. Well lit, of course. Holiday tree lights would be most appropriate.