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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Turned Everything Back To The Company Today.

Wow. What a friggin chit show.

I went back in with the company truck with my company stuff in it to hand in. Cell, ipad, credit cards, keys, etc etc. Did my final mileage and expenses. So I get in at 10:30, hand everything over, and Big Al tells me he's up to his ears in snapping alligators. Could I wait for my ride home? No problem, I sat back in shipping and listened to Mitch Da B*tch (The World's Orneriest Old Shipper/Receiver) - gripe about his job and life. He's old, and I've always offered a friendly ear whenever I could. I'm going to miss him. I waited around for an hour and a half and I figure it was the company's way of saying "FU for quitting." Whatever.

Big Al - the manager I've been training, who was to give me a ride home - kept me waiting so I called the other salesman to pick me up. I was going to sneak out the back but Al caught us and we had a final 'sales meeting' outside while Al smoked cigars and we bantered. Al wanted to know what irons I had in the fire; I told him that our fat arsed national sales manager (who dropped in to flog the slaves this week) and his new girlfriend he hired - could go up to the Cold Lake Air Weapons range where I had a meeting scheduled for Thursday, then drop down into Bonnyville to see the crane guys I deal with and maybe a couple others. Poor Al... he was just shaking. Although he and I were frenemies he realized how much he counted on me for some stuff and hadn't realized it until yesterday. He's seriously thinking about quitting now too - and I reluctantly told him he probably should. That is not disgruntlement; I honestly feel this company does not respect or care for its people anymore.

The other salesman is effed right off at the company too. He just got an offer from CN (Canadian National Railways) - so his notice is going in on this Friday. In the meantime he's flat out refused to do sales calls with our idiot national sales manager who is in town and planned on flogging us all for fun and amusement. He's walking on egg shells now, I'm told - and good! That will leave the company with an east indian vibrant with language issues down south and their 26 year old hottie they just hired for sales. I wouldn't want to be sitting on that train wreck either, if I were Al. It's a friggin' sales revolt, I guess.

If the company wants to, I'm sure they'll survive - but I don't think the owners care anymore. I've done all I can for them, and given them my home phone and email if they run into trouble and need a helping hand. It felt good just to be done with them. Everyone there is looking for jobs now and praying they get out soon. Even The Crack stopped me today to shake my hand and wish me well. What the hell's up with that? HAR HAR HAR! I'm going to toss out a prayer for them too.

I got a couple emails from a few of you - thanks so much! It's going to be a tough couple months while I try to find something new. I don't handle unemployment and inactivity well. I don't need a lot of money - but I DO need to work with sane adults.

For now I am on the Unemployment Ski Team. It's time to turn the page on that chapter of my life and move on. I am already off to a great start: last week when I made the decision to quit, I said I was going to start eating right and exercising. In one week, I'm down 5 pounds! That sounds like a lot but I have about another 50 to go at least. For now I am going to be a vegetarian while I get used to the idea of eating like an adult with a tiny bit of self control.

If anyone needs me, I'll be over at Jack's scolding him and Quartermain for their unhealthy dietary habits! (Don't those idiots realize what Tex Mex does to the arteries and lower intestine?!?!? Think of the environMINT!!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! (Errrrr.... if anything happens to me, somebody inform either Sunny or BW so that I get a decent burial!))

Life goes on.


  1. I don't know what Tex Mex does to my pipes and 'lower digestive tract', but I sure know what it does to Quartermain's. I got paint peeling off the walls.

  2. Chin up, bro. Something will come up. The 'kids with clipboards' don't run everything.

  3. That's right, men! There will be no bad morale around here, by Godfrey!!!