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Thursday, 25 January 2018

We Are ALL Going To Hell

When I was a kid I was a dumbass. Like most young men I knew it all, my parents and elders were all assholes and morons, and when I got out of high school I went into The School Of Hard Knocks and got my attitude adjusted.

If I was a kid today I would probably have face jewelry, tattoos and gawd knows what else. And I would probably be gobbling Tide Pods too. I would like to think I'd still be too smart to be a queer or vote liberal but who knows after the schooling these kids get?

Are kids really getting dumber these days or is it just grumpy old men griping about them like they always have?


  1. When I was a kid I was a dumbass.

    So... have you decided to change?

    ::Jack ducks the empty beer bottle thrown at his head and runs out the door::

  2. It depends on how far back you go and who you ask, but a general, unscientific opinion tends to support your theory that, yes, children are not as intelligent as they were 50 or more years ago.

    Part of this is the lack of hardship that modernization brings to the table. In 1900, if you were cold you had to dress warmly, find combustible fuel, assemble and light a fire, then make sure you didn't burn down your shelter. In the middle of all this you had to feed yourself.

    In 2000, you turned up the heat, or if you're impoverished you demanded the government provide for you. And you were warm and well fed.

    What has been proven is that Television makes children stupid, as do video games and social media in general. The shape of the brain actually changes. Check on the dwindling group of children at the top of their class. They don't watch much TV, nor do they spend time on Facebook, Twitter, or texting (sending text messages) on their phones. They read, go places, see and do things. A few years ago I was in Port Clinton, OH visiting an old friend, and saw something I haven't seen in years - kids on bicycles. A group of five of the little hellions were out playing and looking for mischief. Lord bless 'em. What surprised me was the realization that while I was driving, I hadn't had to watch out for bicycling children in a long, long time.

    Maybe you remember riding on the street, and a car would come along, and half the group would take one side of the street and half the group the other side, allowing the car to pass between them. Perfectly acceptable when you're a kid on a bike, but the driver? Eh, they're his teeth and his nerves and his problem. We all knew we were safe.

    In 1900, you would take Latin as a required course. In 1950, it was an elective. In 2000, it's practically unknown.

    In 1900, you learned to read. Or else. In 1950 you learned to read because you didn't want to be a dumbbell all your life. In 2000, you didn't have to learn to read, and no one would ever call you a dumbbell because that might damage your tender little feelings, and we can't have that, can we?

    I've read about kids committing suicide over Facebook bullying. I can't understand it, and I have no idea where the parents are in all this. It's FB, it's only a message, and you can shut it out.

    I won't cover discipline. We all know what it was like in the old days, in the bad old days, and in 2000. I will point out that up until recently, relatively recently anyway, we didn't have nonsensical warnings on appliances (Do not use toaster in shower or bath!) I will also point out that school teachers are not allowed to touch the students in the year 2000. In 1950, and earlier, things were a bit different.

    So, in my own unscientific opinion, yes - children are getting dumber, and it's largely because that don't have to get smarter.

    1. Not to contradict you WL... but when I was a little gaffer I was given a scholastic test to make sure I could handle regular school - I think either my parents thought I was a retard, or maybe all the kids had to do it - I must have been about 5 at the time.

      Anyways, I redlined the tests and by 5 year old standards I was a near genius. So was the next door neighbour's kid and the one down the street - all of a sudden, out of nowhere, us kids were blowing the doors off these IQ tests. The psychologists were dumbfounded. Even a dumbass like me was doing well.
      If I recall they figured it out and came to the conclusion that it was TV that was artificially enhancing our intellects and they went back to the drawing board to revise the scholastic tests - and I came out average along with all the other former super-genius kids.

      Mind you, TV was different then too. Back then even that sad programming was more intelligent than the crap they have now.

      As for the rest of that - I would tend to agree.

    2. Ha!

      I can just see the headshrinkers and parents (especially the fathers) studying the scores and scratching their nuts over that one. The mothers are all excited because junior is finally recognized as the genius that she always knew he was, and the fathers are opening an extra beer and wondering just what fresh Hell this development will mean.

      "So, Marge? If Jack's a genius and takes after his great-grand paw on your side of the family, why'd he insist on putting four quarts of oil in the lawnmower last weekend? The thing only holds a quart and a half. And why did he leave the fridge standing open for the third time this week? And why did he get caught taking a whiz in Old Lady Johnson's rose garden - again?"

      "Well, he's just creative. This is all your fault anyway! You're always too hard on him!"

      "Yeah, hard... listen Marge, you can say what you like, all these test scores and everything, but putting that kid in charge of anything valuable and hoping nothin' gets busted is a lot like bettin' the sun ain't gonna rise in the morning."

      "Will you stop scratching yourself like that?"

      "My nuts itch."

      "Well, stop it. It makes you look... simple.

      "You mean retarded."

      And so it goes. My comment is that, yeah, TV was a whole lot different back then. What did you have, Sesame Street or something? They were always shoving knowledge at you, hoping desperately that some of it would go in one ear and not leak out the other. Commercials were a whole lot different too.

      One thing that I neglected to mention, and I think is important, is maturity. In 1900 kids were fairly mature. 1950, still mature but a little less so. By 2000 someone else was taking care of all your problems for you; generally the government.

      So here I am, a nasty old, hard drinking, gun owning, fat white man. I look down my nose at most kids - I don't much like kids anyway. They spread disease, they're noisy, and they eat laundry detergent. Now I have a pretty good idea about most bloggers that I actually read, and about the only way you could get them to eat laundry detergent when they were that age is to either hold a shotgun on 'em, or pay 'em their own weight in c-notes. I can't think of any other way.

    3. Sesame Street and all the children's educational stuff started up just after I took that test. I remember because at 6 years old, I was too old to get into Sesame Street.

      And anything Old Lady Johnson says is a damned lie! That was Sunny doing it the whole time! :)

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