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Friday, 9 February 2018

Bear Hunting In Filthie's Wild Kingdom

World Famous Hunter, Adventurer, Author And Man About Town - WL Emery - hasn't spoken to me since I ruined his last safari in Africa when we were out for Cape Buffalo. It was a trifle, really - all I did was try to save him some bucks by reloading some very expensive .450 Nitro Express ammo for his buff gun. He got charged by one a the critters during the hunt... and that's when we found out that I forgot to charge the cases with gunpowder. I had to pour truckloads of gin down his gullet to get him to forgive me.

In any event, we are after bears today! WL is snidely insisting on using factory ammunition, I am armed with my trusty muzzle loader - and the game is afoot!

Can't shoot that one, we'd get soakers trying to fish him out
of the drink!

WL refused to shoot these two. What a dink - the
little one woulda made a great wine skin or possibles bag.
Two more get away!!!

WL flopped out against a tree for a quick catnap
and asked me to stand guard.
I only ducked out to take a leak and when I came
back, WL was gone, and this big fella
was in WL's spot.
I haven't seen WL since. Wonder where he got off too...?

I dunno about you guys but I am beginning to think WL might not be the great white hunter he claims to be. If he ever turns up, let me know - he hasn't paid me my guide fees...


  1. I think a comment got lost here.

  2. It's my Blogger Auto-Censor, WL! Usually it goes after creeps like Mad Jack but occasionally it goes after respectable citizens too. I fished your comment out of File 13:

    "The pictures have been photoshopped, which shouldn't really surprise anyone. And guide fees? What do you mean, guide fees? All you've managed to do so far is read a AAA Trip Tik, find a local bar that watered the whiskey, and 'guide' us to Rebecca's Place, which has been closed for three years.

    Guide fees. I'll give you guide fees.

    You know what the loudest sound in the world is? It's the unmistakable snap that a primer makes when there's no powder in the casing, and now the bullet is lodged halfway down the barrel.

    Guide fees. You're gonna need guide fees, pay for your doctor bills. "

    Please pay promptly, WL! ;)

    Goddammit - when I figure out how that damned censor thing works - I am going to friggin NUKE it!!!