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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Books By Their Covers

Gah! She even looks like a moron.
And hopefully you'll get shot for your troubles, Chickie!
Maybe ya need to address that shoe fetish problem...?

I am not an economist. But I dunno how many times I see crap like this. Last year there was some old goat on another blog calling for the arrest of the rich banksters and fat cats. The old bastard was a retired vet, with a motorhome, a beautiful small cottage and shopful of toys n' tools and had life by the tail! All he had to do was shut up and make the best of it - but he was consumed with hate and envy for wealthy people. To be fair he probly had a few screws loose too, if ya catch my drift.

We had an angry, bitter witch like that at my last job too. She knocked out a few kids, gave her hubby the punt - and was shocked and furious that she ended up living in poverty. Her ex did the John Galt thing and moved into his parent's basement, while she ran up lawyer's bills trying to get blood from a stone. Both of their lives were effectively ruined as she tried to force him to pay her bills when he couldn't afford to support himself even with a job. I had no sympathy for her either.

One of the things I like about my new church is that they boot you in the arse and force you to think about the good things you have - and give thanks for them and appreciate them.

As for me - I love ramen noodles. My wife discovered a way to make them even better - ya throw an egg and some sliced meat in with 'em... and I could glub a potful with ease!

If I can eat ramen soup, I will smile, thank my Maker and kiss my wife -
and be thankful for both.  :)

Have a good Tuesday!


  1. lady in the church here crumbles the uncooked ramen on top of salad like croutons.
    i don't use the packets but put in bragg's liquid aminos and any flavor i like--say, chives- and then i cook almost dry and melt in the cheese. yum.

  2. Man, that is some good lookin' soup. Now I'm hungry.