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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Eeeew!!! What Kinda CREEP Does Something Like That?

What kind a sick degenerate does a meme like this?
It's enough to ruin guns AND sex!
Who knows in this age of sexually disturbed
degenerates, HAR HAR HAR!!!

For those of you who aren't familiar with this YouTubing gun slinging Texan - he's Hickock 45, and one of my personal favourite gunnies.

Get out your visa cards and tensor bandages boys.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the YouTube link about the .45-70 revolver. I actually own one of these, manufactured by D-Max, who were eventually bought out by Magnum Research. My revolver is stainless, and hand polished and engraved by the late RW of South Dakota.

    These revolvers are popular in Alaska, particularly in the back country, as they're an effective load against an angry grizzly bear and can be carried in a shoulder rig or on your hip. The deal is that you can pack some serious heat while you're trying to remember how the damn' tent goes up and why the bug repellent isn't working the way it's supposed to.

    Naturally I've shot this hand cannon, and I can tell you that the recoil isn't as severe as a Ruger .44 mag. That doesn't mean the thing doesn't kick, because it does. Just not as bad as you'd think.

    The pistol is much more accurate than I am, but the point is that you can hit stuff with it. Your first shot will be in the center, but after that the others will be all over the place until you talk yourself into not flinching.

    The trouble old Hickok 45 was having is common. The gun is made to use government standard loads, and even then it will tend to shake itself apart. The gunsmith that engraved mine shot it a few times, and added a set screw and some red Loctite to the ejector rod, which would tend to shake itself loose from the recoil. What I think happened to Hickok is that the cylinder started to come loose, and when he examined the gun he inadvertently tightened it back up again. All I can say is that with all that recoil, things are bound to get shaken loose.

    I'll write a post with a few pix explaining just how I came by my pistol. It's a story worth telling.