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Thursday, 15 February 2018

February Notes

Weather up here hasn't really been bad. Sure, we get the odd dips into -30C weather but that is par for the course during January and Feb and even into March up here in Aaaaaaadontin. But that cold weather is a psychological godsend for me - in February the days start getting longer and the fuggin gloomy clouds are sent packing. February is cold and bright in Alberta and I love it. It's so bright, some days - it hurts your eyes. Can you imagine how refreshing that is after months of gloomy cloudy skies? My daughter lives in Hongcouver and I dunno how she can stand it - sure, it's mild and warm and green all year round... but it's always overcast 6 months out of the year! I'd go bananas.

Yesterday we got a blip in the weather - the temps rocketed up to +5C and I rocketed out to the rifle range to enjoy it. On the way back it started to rain - something that hardly ever happens up here in Edmonton in Feb. Of course, the next day all the rain freezes and we are curling in the streets! Good grief, ice like this sucks the big green one - I went down a couple times during Dawg Patrol and I swear that ground gets harder and more painful every year.

Thought I was smart too - before I went out I got my industrial kick-ass ice cleats on and figured I had 'er beat.

These are the best ice cleats I have been able to find to date - I "stole" them from one of my more ignorant industrial customers years ago, but to hear him tell it, he said I could have them as long as I got lost and left him alone, HAR HAR HAR! The bummer about them is that they are meant for steel toe work boots and won't fit on anything else I have. But even with these... I slipped and fell. The fuggin ice on the sidewalks was so thin, the cleats couldn't get a proper 'bite' on it! On thick ice I can truck right along like I own it. On this super thin shit - I had to do the 'pee-pee walk' just to keep my balance! Do that in steel toes for a couple miles. GAH!

At least we're getting some sun now - and that I can sincerely thank my Maker for. It is muchly appreciated.

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