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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Gits And Shiggles With My Former Employer

Welp, the timelines are all run out, my former employer was given every chance to square with us - and we got squat. When you work in sales, one of the biggest cons is the way commissions are paid. My former employer was playing fast and loose with that, it's been my experience that most small company employers do. I knew it, but didn't care for 9 of the 10 years I worked for the company. I figured for the work I was doing, I was entitled to a pay cheque of X amount of dollars, and if they were scamming a bit I didn't care because I was treated really well - and that is worth money, to me, at least. In my final year with them I was treated like chit, had my pay cut twice, and was threatened by my idiot national sales manager every time he opened his fat mouth.

Most of our financial woes are due to the oil bust. Compounding that, we have a socialist fwench whoreson for a prime minister, and a menopausal socialist bint for a premiere. Both are former public education slobs that never had to be accountable or produce results - and we have the economy to show for it. When the market imploded, I can imagine that the heat on our national sales manager must have been intense. But rather than step up with improved sales ideas and strategies - he blamed me for the diving sales, accused me of misconduct, incompetence, and dishonesty - and the writing was on the wall. I was to be the scapegoat for all his problems in Alberta. I put up with it as long as I could and then quit. Now I am going to see if we can sic the lawyers on him and turn the tables on those assholes. I know where their skeletons are buried, I gave them a chance to come clean - and they started abusing the other salesman after I left and he quit too. I know enough about tort law to be dangerous - I do know that the evidence I have of their 'aggressive accounting' in payment of commissions may be actionable, but I don't know if it will be worth it. Ya don't know unless you ask - so we're going to take in our documents and pay stubs and see where that goes. I am hoping a threat of an audit will scare them shitless and make them amenable to reason.

Everyone thinks lawsuits are like winning the lottery. We read daily of the stupidest ones generating big cash and prizes for frivolous louts abusing the court process. Most of them are hogwash, the really stupid rulings are overturned on appeals. The object of the lawsuit process is to get the parties to settle out of court. I'm okay with that too. About the only systemic abuse I have seen is in family and divorce courts.

On another note, the other day I was cruising the job boards and saw an ad by my former employer looking for a new Branch Manager. With out their sales guys to blame for diving sales - they're now pointing fingers at Big Al - my former 'boss' of sorts. Al and I locked horns and fought about everything and I usually lost - which explains a lot about our plummeting sales. But he was a trooper, he gave a chit, so I sent him a text and let him know the management were advertising his job - would he mind if I applied for it? HAR HAR HAR! Al - I trained him well! The same way my former mentor, Lesiure Suit Larry trained me! LOL!

God bless him, the big farm kid phones up the CEO wanting to know why his job is being advertised - but the Prez is too busy to talk to the dirt people in his company. So he phones the Comptroller and demands an explanation - and gets some mealy mouthed crap about how "his job is secure for now, and they are just trying to see if they can improve the team...". Al hangs up in his ear, HAR HAR HAR! He calls the Prez back and goes to voicemail. "Mr. President, I have your company truck, your company cell, and your company iPad. I've seen the ad for my job on the boards, and I want an answer on what your intensions are. I am not going to lift a finger from here on out until you talk to me. You can either apologize to me in writing and withdraw that ad, or grow some balls and let me go with or without cause and we will settle in court. I can be reached at home at 780..."

Years ago I used to think my bosses that I worked for got into their positions because of merit and ability. Over the last year I've watched these clowns lose all their front end people. A year ago my cohort in crime left the company with half our inside support team and set up shop competing against us. They aren't doing that well either in this economy, but they are holding on to their people. Those of us that stayed loyal and remained behind? This is how we've been treated.

Maybe it's all as legal as church on Sunday, or maybe it's not worth pursuing with lawyers. I will be most interested to find out.

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  1. And sometimes you sic the lawyers on them just for the pure enjoyment of watching them squirm while you twist the knife.