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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Notes From A Nation With Successful Gun Controls: A Brief Tutorial

I didn't say much about the school shootings in America because the Z Man said it best: Here we go again. Yawn. Some demonic loon flips out, the usual suspects make the usual noise, nothing gets done, and everything settles down again after the usual retards are finished with their virtue signalling and blood dancing. As he says, you accept it and go through life and hope it never happens to you.

But the problem with gun owners is that when these things happen, we get on that hamster wheel with the anti-gun morons too and we get defensive. Look - anyone with a triple digit IQ knows that guns aren't the issue here. If we had a fair and honest media, you WOULD hear about the rapists that get shot trying to molest their victims. You WOULD hear about the failed liberal social experiment that went to a church picnic with a duffel full of guns - and got shot twice in the chest by a mother defending the kids... before he could even pull the trigger. You only see this kind of thing in the gun lobby newsletters - the press buries them or downplays them and seldom reports on them at all. The people at the top of the gun control food chain are smart, they know better than this, and they think they know better than you - which is why, in their eyes, you must be disarmed. They don't give a damn about crime or victims - they are worried about YOU. They are using these tragedies to push a darker, more sinister agenda.

Up here in Canada we have a solid majority of liberal morons. (Our current swine minister makes Obama look like a MENSA warrior). We got the gun laws to show for it too. 20 years ago a pasty faced shit named Allan Rock was waving his fat little fists around and publicly threatening gun owners with 'house-by-house searches' for unregistered firearms. He was the fart catcher for our librano prime minster of the time, Jean Poutine Cretin - a screwfaced idiot that couldn't speak either of the nation's official languages fluently. We got a useless 2 billion dollar gun registry (which was later on deep-sixed), and a raft of idiotic laws:

  • Under Canadian gun law, you do NOT have the right to remain silent
  • The police do NOT have to worry about due process in search and seizure of privately held firearms.
  • Nor do they have to provide a receipt on property they take, and there is no time limit on how long they can hold your firearms once they take them - whether the case is pending or not.
  • By simply doing nothing (as in not registering your guns) - you become a criminal under federal law.
The laws that passed were so bad, even our cops and judiciary (both of which are infested with liberal asshats) - won't enforce them. In BC, some old farmer had a 22 out in the barn that had been there for years. A cop noticed it, hauled the poor old fella in - and the judge threw the case out! He told the farmer to register the damn gun, he told the cops to stop wasting the court's time with this bullshit, and that if he ever saw stupidity like this in his courts again - there would be consequences. The cops got the message loud and clear and even at my gun club that we share with them - they don't look twice at guys like me with AR15's and M14's. They let me have their brass when they're done training. Long story short: The cops and courts don't want this crap either - it's the emotionally distraught victims, stupid people that can't or won't understand the issue - and the evil sonsabitches that are using them to push an agenda. Gun control is pretty much a dead issue up here in Canada but could flare up at any time.

To give you an idea of how our gun laws currently work:

Under Canadian gun law, this rifle is a normal long gun
and classified as unrestricted. It is the Swiss Classic
Green rifle. Citizens that own them
don't have to register them with the cops.

Because the AR15 looks scarier to liberal morons, it 
is classified as a restricted firearm and
must be registered with the police. Obtaining
the licence to own one is a little more involved than the one required
for unrestricted firearms.
Not only do restricted firearms (which include all pistols) must 
be registered with the police, you
must have a separate permit to carry them around
in a locked case and only to-and-from the gun club. You can only use them at the range.

This Tavor is classified as unrestricted too. Our liberal
overlords probably think it's a squirt gun.

The AK47 is in the prohibited class.
Dirt people like you and I are not allowed to own them at all.

The CZ rifle is unrestricted and is legal as church on Sunday.

The FAL is a 'Prohib'. Pull one a these out at the range and
you can go to jail.

That's right! Legal as church on Sunday!

So - does everybody see the logic here? It should be intuitively obvious to everyone that Canada's lower crime rates are the result of our superior liberal gun control law! HAR HAR HAR!!!! Most Canadians gun owners got so disgusted we pretty much disregard the laws altogether and own whatever we want. I've seen a few FAL's disappear off the gun bench at the club when the cops drive in. The cops themselves see it too and don't say anything. I'm sure the guys are blamming away with them back in the bush or on the back 40 all the time too. The thing about gun control in Canada is that it is simply unenforceable. The liberals got their idiot laws, we pay the merest lip service to them as owners, and the cops and courts unofficially refuse to enforce them on otherwise law abiding citizens.

In fact, awhile back some idiot at the RCMP wanted the Swiss rifle reclassified as 'Prohib' and the call went out to owners to turn them in. Think about that - you're a Canadian gun club duffer with one of these - you probably paid $3.000.00 for it - and some canary legged red coat faggot decides he doesn't want you to have one anymore. What do you do? You give the cops the finger and keep it! Not one rifle was turned in when they tried that. The cops at my club became persona non grata, and we started motions to withdraw the use of our facilities for law enforcement. I felt bad for the boys, but they had to pick a side in this and if they were going to side with the bad guys, they could go do their training someplace else. More than a few were members as well as cops and they sided against their employers too.

All this seems to underline the difference between Americans and Canadians though. Americans love their Constitution and rightfully so. Up here in Canada, most of us couldn't care less about ours. Every time we turn around there's some hairy chested feminist she-twink, or some Marxist frog, or some homosexual tacking on riders and revisions to it so that nobody knows what it says anymore and nobody could care less. It's unfortunate because everything else goes out the window too, when liberals start messing with your constitutions and rights. Your cops become untrustworthy or outright thugs, your Supreme court becomes a joke, and doors start opening for perverts, degenerates, liars, thieves and cheats to do what they do under the protection of the law. We get away with it up here in Canada because the nation is so large and the bad guys are stretched too thin. But our more urbanized centres are starting to fall. I just don't see how giving up rights will help us if that spreads.

If I had one recommendation for Americans, it would be this: if the Second Amendment falls - then you let those liberal fart suckers know that it ALL falls. Their right to free speech goes out the window with your right to keep and bear arms. That in turn should be a declaration of war against those who support the Constitution, and those that won't. Because once you let one group of miscreants start chipping away at it - they will ALL want to re-write it in their favour.

And the worst thing for everyone happens when idiots get what they want.


  1. Indeed, Glen. I've never seen a bunch of people in such a rush to give up their rights in You can tell them until your balls fall off that once the 2nd amendment goes down, the rest will follow. The whole country becomes a "soft target" for criminals, both inside and outside of the state house! No one listens...

  2. you cannot 'give up' rights. God gives rights and they are permanent.
    however, rights may be suppressed as the are all over the world every day. but we don't want to live in those places where oppression is the order of the day.
    the people here are so ignorant, most have never read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, even though they are simple and understandable english, and the people have no understanding. this is because the fifth column has been busy here at least since the thirties. the evil has spread by dribs and drabs and now infuses almost everything. as lenin said, he could change everything in one generation if he had the children indoctrinated. and so it is.
    thank God i am old and may not have to live with the outcome, but we have a child and i worry for its future.

    1. That's always been my stance, Deb. Everything in life is a choice, right up to and including slavery. I will render unto Caesar what is Caesar's - but I will not bow down to him.
      I think there's a lot of people getting fed up with these would-be fascists and terrorists and things may get interesting.