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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Oh Hell Yes

Sorry to keep carping on the gun stuff, but I can't resist:

100 years ago Black And Decker was the last word for home owner tools and that was Pop's brand. Back then everything they made was metal and the only plastic you saw on the tool was the trigger button or on the cord.

By about the time I was old enough to start buying tools, the Black And Decker brand was whored out and their tools were cheap junk - their DeWalt line seemed to be the one to buy at that time - and that is what I went with. Shortly after I was fully invested in DeWalt, they seemed to go downhill too and the cool kids round here all went to Mikita. I got one of their belt sanders and its alright I guess, never had a problem with it. Last I looked the cool kids are all on Milwauke now - and I have a chit mix of old tools downstairs now.

My favourite cordless drill is an old DeWalt and probably ready for the garbage... and I think my drill in the camper is Porter Cable. I dunno if there is a 'best' brand for home owner tools anymore. Everything I bought works pretty good so who knows.

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