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Friday, 16 February 2018

Raising The HMCS Skandic

It's coming up on that time a year again boys. We're probably
okay around my area for now - but the ice will be going 
rotten soon.

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  1. A large group of ice fishermen and their expensive gear got stranded on an ice floe in Lake Erie near Toledo, OH. The upshot was that the USCG rescued the people, but refused to transport the snowmobiles, SUVs, ice shanties, and other gear. The gear was abandoned, and not by choice. Enter the salvage operation. Five guys and a busted up barge towed by an equally suspect powerboat.

    To avoid a fight, they offered to transport the gear for a price - starting at two bills and going up from there.

    The final straw? If you decided to hell with it, you didn't need your old whatever all that much, the USCG would write you a ticket that gave you the choice of retrieving said gear once the weather broke, OR letting the USCG do it and send you an invoice later on.

    Nice, huh?