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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Range Day

I finally caught a break in the weather. I have shot in anything from -30C and up. (Any colder, and the vehicles don't like it). It was a nice comfy -16C when I got out on Humpday.

I had the range to myself so I just made some yellow snow in a convenient drift, HAR HAR HAR!
Even yellow is an improvement during dismal winter gray days.

The boys contracted a grader for snow removal this year which is nice. I've been bitchin' at them to do it for years but some old geezer knows another old geezer that does it with a little tractor and needs the money... and for the longest time we needed our 4x4's to get around because the old geezer with the farm tractor didn't do snow days.

My goal was to seat my .308 match bullets out a couple tenths of an inch to see if accuracy changed at all. It did - it got WORSE. The velocities dropped off too but I was expecting that. It's funny because I used to have a Ruger No.1 heavy varminter in 25-06 and that thing loved long bullets and shot them into .5~.75 MOA all day long. Not my Remmy, though. 

Every gun is a law unto itself. Mine just told me to shove my long
seated bullets up my pooper.

Also, I needed to get that newly mounted Trijicon 5x25 Accupoint dialled in. Right now she's zeroed for 100m and I'll start mapping her out to all the other ranges as time and funds become available.

I was going to take my AR - I seriously need to put some trigger time on it too... but a few YouTubes with Private McKenzie of Her Majesty's YouTube Light Rifle Regiment left me with a hankerin' for black powder. Swabbing bores and blow tubing is a pain in cold weather so I run smokeless powder in the winter.

That's the Retirement Rifle: a Lee Shaver Vernier sight, 
and an ultra modern bayonet style chrony hanging off the pipe!
For some reason Ol' Smokey runs a little slower
than the reloading manuals say he should.

Yannow the FUNNEST shooting I've ever done is black powder. Muzzle loaders are a friggin hoot and I was addicted to them for years. Those guys NEVER shoot off the bench - it's all off your hind feet as God intended. Once I got him dialled in moderately close, I stood up and started flogging at the target offhand.

Not bad for a gubbimint working hare lipped retard, eh?
Once I got my nerves under control hitting
this 6" bull was a piece of cake.

After I shot my smokeless rounds - I took five with my big Postell boolits stoked with the Holy Black just for fun. They went wide (or I did - it was awful windy out there, dontchya know!) I must a burned up over 40 rounds.

When black powder burns, it leaves behind corrosive salts that destroy bores and brass. I prefer to dump my blackpowder brass into soapy water as soon as they're fired to neutralize the salts and save wear and tear on the brass. Brass used with black powder can almost last forever if you take care of it. When I got home I got my crap Tupperware from the shop downstairs - and threw them in for a bath.

Having not shot black powder for over a year, I forgot
how much it STINKS.

OMFG. Five 45-70 cases, shot with black powder, stunk the first floor of the house up REAL good. Seriously, this stuff smells like a backed up sewer. The wife came home and thought either Mort or I needed to see a doctor - and fast! HAR HAR HAR!!

So, I didn't get much accomplished this time out, except confirm the fact that my rifles didn't care for some preconceived notions I had. That's okay, knowing what DOESN'T work is sometimes as good as knowing what does.

The ballistic stubfarttery continues apace.

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  1. you can get a new lid for your tupperware. cover soaking bullet bits and save the house from unlivability.
    sometimes a mall has a tupperware kiosk.
    otherwise call them, tell them the number of your bin and give them money. they will mail your lid to you.