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Friday, 16 February 2018

Something Here, From Somewhere Else...

I dunno where it was I had surfed to on the internet the other day, but yannow how one link leads to another, and another - and sometimes you end up in the damnedest places? I seemed to land in a bunch of odd places that were all connected in the damnedest way. I have my differences with Sarah Hoyt but she was bang on the money with this old post.

As a kid I was a big Heinlein and SF fan and the idea of the adults in my world going crazy with blatantly silly notions was beyond me. I grew up in an orderly world where if ya followed the rules you could count on doing well for yourself. But things seriously started going stupid at the turn of the century. I read Sarah's screed, paused to reflect, and surfed on. And then came across this:

Those comedians represent one half of my family
right now. Seriously. Half our nation thinks like this too.

Yeah, I can see how the world can go to hell. That little clip drives home how much power the lunatics have control of  us now, and of how poisoned minds can infect others.  And speaking of lunacy - another school shooting, and another round of blood dancing, virtue signalling, and calls for gun control. I can't believe these people: for 30 years now, these idiots have been calling for gun control. This despite the fact that it has failed everywhere it's been tried. And - they have absolutely no clue about what causes these things - so they blame the gun. As memes often do, this one grabbed the crux of the issue by the roots - and pulled.

I think it's okay to question your faith. But fer all that's holy, 
ask smart questions - or you
shall surely get stupid answers.

I'm half way through the new testament. Good lord, the deeper I get into this thing - the more ashamed I become. I was raised by liberals and fake conservatives that taught me the bible was a pantload, that Christians were shysters, arrogant, and hypocrites. For 53 years I believed that. Yet with each passing chapter, I see that book pushing responsibility, love, judgement, humbleness... how did we let loons tell us that faith has no place in schools? And how could I have been so stupid to listen to such people, without questioning them in all that time?

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