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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Super Hero Movies

I am sure EVERYONE will be shocked and angered that Marvel Comics hasn't approached me with a proposal to take my crime fighting exploits to the Big Screen. After all they've done pikers like Spider-Man, Captain America and the others. Insult is added to injury: instead of the next major block buster featuring Captain Sweatpants And His K9 Cohorts - we are getting some affirmative action black baboon movie. The hatey and racist Z Man (look, another worthy superhero, Marvel!) - refers to it as Hakuna Wakanda. HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!!

I really enjoyed the first few. When I saw Michael Buble and his big band doing the Spider-Man theme song I just laughed like a loon. The movie was just like the cartoons when I was a kid: when the monsters showed up all the women shrieked and screamed and the men gobbled in fright - and only our Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man could stand up to the forces of villainy. I grew up watching this cartoon dreck as a tot, and watching an adult take on it was fun and nostalgic.

But it's been done now.

I can't really be bothered with superhero movies anymore, once you've seen one, you've seen them all. And now Marvel thinks they can pull in the big crowds by making this latest one all about political correctness and social justice. The response from the public has been entirely predictable - scorn and derisive laughter! The kids especially are so disgusted with it, they have been attacking this film in an organized manner - they were saying rotten things about it online before it was even released - and the social justice warriors were furious. So much so, that they won't allow negative fake reviews on it, and have organized a counterpunch - you WILL like this movie and say so, dammit. These idiots got so mad, they are undermining their own mission - to give client based, unbiased movie reviews! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I am going to stay out of the race end of it because the proggies can lie and BS about blacks all they want - the truth is out there for anyone to see.  But as far as Rotten Tomatoes shooting themselves in the balls - for an informed movie review... I recommend Filthy - relation.

Personally I don't think race matters. I'm sure kids won't notice that Spider-Man (or Captain Sweatpants) is white unless some race whore is there rubbing their nose in it. When I was a kid we all thought Shaft was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Fact is, I didn't become a racist until some neurotic white morons started shoving diversity and multiculturalism down my throat every time I turned around. (I admit the rising problems with vibrants didn't help either).

I hope the social justice warriors all get what they want out of this. As for me... I'll let it go. I am off to fight senior delinquent crime - y'all have a good Thursday.


  1. My idea of a black superhero; a black guy who tells his "brothers" to get off the f*cking porch, put down the Colt45 and the meth pipe, and get a job!

    That being said, Marvel dug its own grave when Superman renounced his U.S. citizenship (and "the American way"), Wonder Woman doffed her red, white, and blue (developing a foreign accent in the process), and "redefined" the Green lantern as queer...

    Funny; no one ever complains when AMERICAN culture is "co-opted..."

  2. a guy who tells the bros to man up will never again have a column published, an invite to a talk show, or any other exposure to public media.

  3. captain capitalism has written a book about helping these guys to pull up their drawers ,get a haircut, and become able to compete for a job. recommended for any droopy-drawered youth.

    1. I am familiar with the Captain and used to be a fan. His message will not be popular with that crowd, methinks...