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Thursday, 1 February 2018

The Thunderbox Blog-O-Meter's Busted Again...

... and the crapper is plugged too!

I continue to struggle with technical glitches here at the Thunderbox. Last week my blog was rejecting comments from our most celebrated intellects like Jack, Deb, and I think WL got the boot the malfunctioning Auto-Censor. (We're damned lucky he didn't cut loose with his .416 Rigby for that affront!) Seriously - thanks for sticking with me, folks. I don't censor anyone but the most obnoxious tards and even they to skate half the time.

This week the Blog-O-Meter is out of control! It shows my visit count up around a thousand when I am usually lucky to do 350.  Some bot appeared in the comments named Vaheem or Goopinder or something and left comments like "Thank you very much please for an informative blog!" HAR HAR HAR!!! Ya hear that? Glen Filthie is an informative blogger! HAR HAR HAR!!! Trust me on this, folks... we are a loooooong country mile away from artificial intelligence! (Maybe we should concentrate on developing our own intelligence rather than inventing a machine to think for us?) Whoever is sicking those bots on me - you make sure those things don't turn on you! 'Cause, pardner, they ain't that bright!

Other peculiarities: some of the referring sites are....odd. Ahem... haruuuummppfpfpfff! "Doll Nerd"? Oh gross! I notice that seems to be a dead blog (thank gawd)... but what would somebody like that find of interest here? Another referring site: Stuart France. Well! That's an improvement! World famous authors and adventurers are always welcome here at the Thunderbox... but I will bet dollars to donuts Stu has no idea that his site is referring to mine. There are other referring sites that are those of active gunnies that may or may not be legitimate too.

I don't really care much about reader counts, I am only here to annoy some grumpy old farts that seriously need it, and keep myself from going stir crazy while I ride out a period of unemployment. To all my visitors, real, imaginary, and artificial - thanks, as always, for stopping by.

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  1. Yeah, I see a lot of weird referring sites, too. No idea why.