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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Turdo La Doo Goes To India

Nobody including the rug riders know why he's there or cares, apparently. He and his Libranos just hopped on Air Farce One and took to the skies!

Why wasn't I invited? I speak indian and packie very well. In this situation, I would have said
For those of you ignerattii that aren't by-languaged
that means
"Wanna see my socks...?"


  1. Another article about Pierre and his dad:

    1. There was a lot of speculation that Pee-Aire The Elder - was a poofter. Like Obutthole, he moved like one and had a lot of effeminate characteristics. I will believe anything about that family; it's a shame really, because Turdo La Doo might have been a good man were it not for his creepy parents and the circle of Marxist scum they ran with.