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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentine's Day At The Retard School

Good grief!

Mrs. Chubster's in a FLATHER because all the wayward boys n' retards are giving the girls inappropriate valentine cards and love notes. As the principal of Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys N' Retards - it falls to me to confiscate this deeply offensive material!!!

Mrs. Chubster is NOT amused, Jack!!!

I've been confiscating this offensive material by the bushel!!! Here at both the Thunderbox and the retard school, we are mindful of gender issues, inclusive of minorities, and we try to promote a vibrant and diverse learning experience for the students!

BW is, at least, making an effort!
I wonder which lucky lady he gave this valentine too...?

Sigh. Quartermain...again...

No, you're NOT going to give that one to your lady, Sunny!
I'll explain it to ya when you're older!!!

Errrrmmm... no, I have no idea where this one
came from or why it's on my desk...

Ulp. I think I'm gonna hurl.
Perhaps Pete's lady will appreciate the art though...

Happy valentines day to all - and have yourselves a great Humpday.

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