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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Wack-I-Doo, Wack-I-Doo, Packie-Doo, Turdo La Doo...

Looks like our packie go lucky prime minster tripped over his dink again... Ol' Turdo La Doo went to India, got his packies mixed up, and set off the locals. Years ago I worked in a diverse and vibrant shop - we all self segregated where the packies ran one part, the chinks ran another, the arabs/Lebanese another... and us poor white fellas fit in where we could. In any event, over in the Packie Dept, we had an opening for another employee. The plant manager found the nearest brown fella with a pulse - and parachuted him in to the company with his fellows. WW3 broke out! Apparently the one he hired was a hindu or a shik, and the others had a blood feud with this guy because of his tribe - and it ended badly with one of the vibrants going after another with a power drill! Ape kill ape, HAR HAR HAR! But it was okay - only whites can be racist, dontchya know. The offending mudflap was terminated for entirely politically correct reasons and replaced with another one of the right variety. Rest assured, no hatey racism was involved!  :)

Turdo La Doo did the same. In his haste to show how vibrant and virtuous he was - his retinue had too many of the wrong mudflaps in it and now the wogs have their panties in a twist and are pissed right off at Canada! Apparently one of 'em was an extremist mixed up with terrorism! LOL - I hope India will send their human trash somewhere else!!! That'll learn us real good! HAR HAR HAR! We have enough trash of the home-grown variety!

S'pose I better explain that last one: Back when Canada was still a country with it's own culture, back before the advent of fwenchmen, feminism and faggotry that came to dominate Canukistani culture - back when I was just a filthy little tot ... we had honest to God Canadian children's programming.

That's Mr. Dressup with Casey and Finnegan. He was
Canada's answer to America's Mr. Rodgers.

When I was a kid everything shut down when Mr. Dressup came on. He was God's gift to us kids - and more so to our mothers, I suspect. Because when this guy talked - all the kids would listen. For a brief hour, Mom didn't have to cope with screaming kids. She could do chores, chat with the neighbours, or just sit back and have a coffee knowing that Mr. Dressup had the kids and all was well.

He would invite firemen, policemen and tradesmen on his show and they would even go out to the jobsite sometimes. He was an artist too - and would draw pictures for us little rugrats while he told a story about the drawing. He'd probably be spinning in his grave to see our prime minister, and what's happened to his beloved CBC these days.


  1. Mister Dressup probably kept your poor mother from taking a double shot of Canadian Club to steady her nerves a bit. Still, it could have been worse. I was reading about Wirecutter's childhood, and trust me, had I been forced to live in that household the locals would be reading about us in the morning paper.

    We had Mister Rogers and later on, Sesame Street. Both were moralistic variety shows.

    We also had Captain Kangaroo with his pal Mister Greenjeans (Bob Keeshan and Hugh Brannum) who delivered a children's variety show.

    The most violent thing I can remember on any of these shows was the hand puppet, Mr. Moose, dropping a load of ping pong balls on poor, unsuspecting, Captain Kangaroo.

    These days it's Cat Noir and Ladybug. I watched a little of this while channel surfing, and was somewhat intrigued because I couldn't figure out what was going on. I just now discovered that Cat Noir is male; I thought he was a she. Well, there you go.

    What children's programming had back then was a lack of violence and a lack of hatred for the villains. They were also somewhat educational, with Mister Rogers tackling a few extremely thorny issues - like divorce. During a scientific study conducted with real scientists using approved scientific methods, it was discovered that kids who watched Mr. Rogers had more patience than the kids that watched Sesame Street. This was because Mr. Rogers displayed patience throughout the show and wasn't afraid of dead air time.

    What do TV kids have now? Grand Theft Auto, Doom, whatever.

    1. I was about 5 or 6 when Sesame Street came along, and was just starting to transition to more mature content. I still remember how happy Pop was when we got cable TV... we could get all the channels out of the States now... and I remember looking at it and saying 'The TV is an idiot box...' and I started reading instead.
      But just looking at it, I think what strikes me is that Mom could leave the kids watching Mr. Dressup or Mr. Rogers and do whatever she needed to do - whereas nowadays, Bert and Earnie are faggots, and who knows what else our 'educators' are pushing at the kids.

      Wirecutter is awesome. It seems to me that he is one of those guys that can take anything life throws at him and come up smiling. He's always got a rude joke or a story and he doesn't take life too seriously. The world needs more men like him.

  2. the smarmy trudeau sure likes to mug for the camera. must be in love with himself.
    why did he go to india?
    oh, it's winter! must have gone for a tropical vacation.
    plus lots of costume changes.

    1. I wonder why anyone would go to that shithole on vacation! :D

    2. That's easy: Cost. Everything is cheaper in India. I worked with a few Indians in 1999 (almost 20 years ago - I feel ancient) and they told me that if you make $400 USD per month, you can afford servants in India.

      I actually considered retirement in Southern India because of the cost, and because I like Indian food. Indian culture is good, too.