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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Yes, You Damned Well NEED To See This, Chickie...

 I stole this one from Pete, who in turn stole it from Sol. 

That vid should be mandatory viewing for the hairy chested feminists and xirls that think they have a place in combat roles in the military. Up here in Canada we are far too liberal and I see it all the time with our own squaddies - they are out for a leisurely stoll in full kit and packs... and lagging 500 yards back is some cadpat fat chubster gal on the point of a stroke, trying to keep up with the unit.

Once when I was at CFB XXXX visiting the guys in the shop, some scrawny old woman officer was reaming out a sergeant because he DARED to order some personnel to fire up some tanks and move them - it was cold outside!!!! I still remember the man, with a borderline snarky expression on his face (but absolutely no snark in his tone, to his credit) - telling the old bint his orders were lawful and reasonable, and if she had a problem with them she could take them up with his CO.

It was -20C outside. We send kids out to play in that.

This is a graphic vid of what happens to female soldiers and fighters in the Sand Box. It's bloody, disturbing, and you need to man the hell up and watch it.

Women contemplating service in a combat role really need to see that. I am not a squaddie, and I can't speak for them, but I know enough that there is no equality on the battlefield. Hell, the whole object of those firefights is to make them as unequal as possible!

Carefully not mentioned in this is the effect this has on morale. If somebody like me, or Quartermain or Jack take one through the pan in a firefight - that will be hard enough on our pals. But when men lose a woman - and stuff like this happens - they take it hard. Watching their women killed and treated like that is absolutely devastating and is the worst failure a warrior can suffer. Western men are genetically hard wired to protect women. A man will be left either a hollow wreck after a loss like that, or he will be hellbent on revenge and payback.

Of course, over there, where every second yodelling moslem mudflap is an animal hellbent on genocide - maybe there IS a place for women in combat - but hell's bells, it should be a measure of last resort, shouldn't it?

Fact is EVERYONE should watch that. It's an excellent eye opener about who those people are, and why we need to think very, very carefully about before letting them into our own countries.


  1. Second try...

    If I take one through the pan, there'll be one less on the list for KP duty. Mutilate or torture my fellow soldiers, and what I'd like to see is this: When you get close enough to the enemy, change out your rifle for a flamethrower. Just hose 'em down and ignore surrenders. Should there be enough of them in one place, use WP or napalm.

    1. I suppose you're right Jack. It's hard to lose your squaddies too. But losing a female squaddie? And watching those mutts defile her corpse like that? Oh yeah, WP is definitely on the agenda - AFTER a few hours on the water board...