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Saturday, 3 March 2018

A Whitworth Of Difference


I know. I know those Russian milsurps are the best deal in econo-rifles right now, and if that's all you can afford - then buy one and smile and have fun. The way things are going outside the shooting sports - everyone needs a rifle. And thanks to the social engineers a pistol wouldn't be a bad idea either. 

But all snobbery aside - those milsurps are fun guns on the range and about as cheap as it gets. It's a great place to start and new shooters can grow out of them and climb up the ladder into the more serious stuff as I did. When ya start getting old though - the tack driving superguns start to lose their charm and it's time to climb back down the shooting ladder as many of us old farts do - by getting into curios, relics and oddballs. I myself am shooting my retirement rifles - a pair of reproduction obsolete black powder cartridge guns. 

But - if you really want to sink to the lowest depths on the gunny totem pole, and have the most fun doing it - it would be pretty darn tough to beat the Whitworth Rifle. The intrepid and dauntless Private McKenzie gives us the rundown on YouTube about the Whitworth Rifle. If you are an old fart too much time on your hands, or a lover of the old ways as the good Private is - the Whitworth Rifle has a lot going for it.

I love that wooden gun box he made for it.
Fast forward to the 4:00 mark for all the details. A variation on
that might be just the ticket for my
outhouse assault rifles too!

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