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Friday, 16 March 2018

Free Speech IS ALWAYS Free

Some obscure media slob addresses the free trade dispute between Canada and the US.

Canada's Shitlib Supreme rolls up his sleeves for a photo
op with his adoring
retinue of  unionized dirt people.
Lookit all the women! Lookit all the vibrants!!!
It's the current year!!!!

Wow. This is a perfect example of why you can't squelch free speech. The Nazis couldn't do it, the Commies couldn't do it - the Vatican can't do it... and they have God on their side! The truth can't be denied or hidden for long. Allow me to demonstrate:

Look at all the clean coveralls. Look at the gleaming hard hats. Do you want to tell me those are really working steelworkers? In spotless coveralls? And - women? Steel workers? Pull my other finger, women DO NOT do steel work.  Oh yeah - you are a man of the people, Turdo!

A two billion dollar trade surplus, huh? When you look at what this moron journalist is lying about, when you look at what the players AREN'T saying - you can quickly suss out the truth of the thing yourself.


When Canada went to war on Afghanistan, led by General Rick Dick Hillier - at the behest of Prime Minister Fartin' Martin, we had a few - shall we say, "logistical" problems. Ya see - our squaddies had no way to get there. We have no suitable military transport, and our boys had to hitch a ride with America's just to get into the theatre. Once there, they showed up in the wrong camo. Seriously, these guys were running around in the desert in forest green camo that made them stand out like a sore thumb. Not a problem - by the time the week was out, Uncle Sam gave the boys the proper uniforms. And equipment. And field support. Ya see, nobody told our liberal fart suckers pacifists that for every man you have in the field with a rifle - you need at least 8 guys behind the lines supporting him. Those are the guys that make sure the squaddie gets fed, has water, and the bare essentials. Of course, there is much more than just that: the fighter pilot in the theatre needs 1000 people supporting him at home: the contractors building spare parts for the plane, the mechanics, the engineers, the electronics and computer geeks, the shippers, receivers - when you see those squaddies doing their thing on CNN - there are scores of people behind the scenes you don't. 

Canada doesn't have any of that; liberal morons gutted our military decades ago to fund pork and welfare for their constituents decades ago. If we need to project force - we can't do it without Uncle Sam. Two weeks after they got there (I hope none of our American friends saw it) - General Ricky Dick Hillier wiped off his chin, stood up before Prime Minister Fartin Martin with the cameras rolling - and proclaimed "Victory! Mission accomplished!!!" and took full credit for the defeat of the Taliban. He spent the rest of his time in country, posing for photo ops during tea parties with Canada's vibrant auditor general, Adrienne Clarkson. Consider that the Americans did all this after Jean Poutine Cretin chickened out of Coalition involvement in Iraq! America treats us pretty damned good, actually.

Hmmmmm. Look who else came crawling out of the woodwork to set the record straight:

Canadian Astronaut Marc Garneau.
Apparently thumbing a ride on the (American) space shuttle
qualifies him to be our
current minister of transport.

Good grief - and that article gets WORSE. How much did it cost to put a Canadian into orbit? How much did it cost to support thousands of Canadian squaddies in Afghanistan? How much would it cost Canadians to take care of our own national defense rather than relying on America? If the media is lying about blatant stuff like this, what else are they lying about? And - who is putting them up to this?

The take away? "Media slob hates Trump. Prime Minister Pink Socks is very cool. Media slob hates Trump, media slob hates Trump, media slob hatey-hate-HATES Trump!" In the real world, long story short, Trump is a business man. He knows that nobody wins in a trade war. Everybody loses: costs get cut but wages get cut and profits get cut too. You can bet Trump knows this more than any idiot "journalist" out there. We're going to see some sparring. Because Trudeau is an idiot, he will fold like a cheap tent or Trump will have him for breakfast. Hell, those adoring slob steelworkers will do Trump's dirty work for him! There is no honor among thieves and Trump will just turn them on each other if they become a problem.

If Canada DOES take some lumps - what of it? We are not paupers, or beggars. Look at how much money the liberals piss away on foreign aid. Look at how much they give to refugees while honest citizens go without. How much is Turdo's looming gun control going to cost? The last one was supposed to cost 85 million, ended up costing $2 BILLION... there's our supposed trade deficit made up right there!

We both have to step up. We are partners. Money is getting tighter. We can't let the liberals keep pissing away our nations' wealth to make themselves feel better. The weakest alliances are those with no trust, between fair weather friends. I know - And Trump knows - that the most powerful partnerships are those where the partners stick together through thick and thin, and share both the ups and downs. All human relationships are like that, from marriages to friendships.

There's going to be no trade war.


  1. those 'politician among the working men' photo ops are always staged. saw the same thing in pennsylvania when a pol visited a coal mine--all workers dressed in spotless white overalls! guys in the picture were not happy about it but jobs were on the line.
    decades ago read a canuck columnist with knickers in a knot about some canadian member of parliament taken for a look-see on an american patrol ship around the west coast of canada. writer said we ams patrol there even though not our waters. canadian i know said canada is thankful since the nation could not afford to do all the patrolling along that immense coastline without american support.
    so journalists seem to have had their heads in the sand for decades. just spout off with no reference to facts.

    1. Deb I am beginning to wonder. I cannot for the life of me see people being this stupid. I am beginning to think this is propaganda, bought and paid for by people that we seriously need to go to war with and kill. If this is what I think it is, it isn't honest and healthy political dissent.

      It's treason.