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Friday, 9 March 2018

Has Anybody Got An Expendable Rug Rat?!?!?

The intrepid aviators of Flite Test have graced these pages before. I love them because they seem to always find fun and ludicrous ways to enjoy the hobby. Once again they prove Filthie's Axiom:

If it doesn't fly - it damned well should!

I'd volunteer one of my retarded students,
but they are all too big n' fat to 
fit in the toddler car...


  1. Reminds me of a one man, garage built helicopter that a few friends put together. The test pilot flew in 'Nam, so after a few beers he was ready to give it a try. They used the engine out of a Volkswagen, as I remember it.

    I suppose you could say that the thing flew. Just not very high, and not very far. The engine kept stalling out and without an engine the helicopter won't fly well.

    1. A HELICOPTER???

      Anybody that can fab up the makings for a whirly bird is a genius. You ever see how those rotorheads work? And - a VW engine?? If there is a better power plant in that class in the world I can't think of it... MAYBE the Subies ... but I would rather have the VW myself.