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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Hump Day Range Report

Yesterday I took another Range Day. Spring is better here in Alberta than anywhere else in the world for a couple reasons -  ya get that long awaited break from harsher, longer winters ... and it makes you appreciate the warmer weather more. Before I got to shooting I watched a little chipmunk or squirrel who had just woken up for the year - he had fished an old apple core out of the trash. I keep meaning to buy a bag of peanuts to take out for them but never seem to get around to it.

The rifles for the day was the AR, of course. The other was the Rem rolling block single shot Outhouse Assault Rifle. Being between jobs I finally have time to work with it - and it's been proving difficult. Unlike my AR squirt gun - the .45-70 develops some real recoil when loaded up with high end loads. It's nod bad... but it takes all my concentration to shoot it. As a skilled and knowledgeable rifleman, I dispensed with the powder-gobbling magnum monsters years ago. In the game field there is simply no real need for them. My guns have all been standard caliber weapons and they worked like a charm. So recoil management is a new thing for me... and yesterday I stoked up the big Outhouse Roller with light smokeless 'varmint' loads: home-cast 350 gr. lead flat points, sitting on 40 gr. of IMR3031, with 1.5 gr. of Dacron filler.

That's a 3-5/16" group fired at 200m
Why - I'm strongly tempted to storm Castle Borepatch
and lay down the law on those guys!
(I'll wait until ASM is away - he could cause problems
for me with that damned Springfield of his).

Velocities are up around 1520 FPS so that's a little fast for my liking. If I back down to about 38 gr. of 3031... that should get me down around 1450 or so, which is where the book says ya wanna be with these guns. I suppose I'm an idiot for gloating - there are real marksmen doing better than that with black powder!

I am shamed: can somebody confirm that I am reading this right? This is a precision
Lee Shaver Vernier tang sight.
I am reading that as 0.82. Are there any BPCR geeks out there
that can confirm?
Hey - all my precision tools are digital! Leave me alone!!!

Sigh. Modern technology spoils us. I remember Pop telling us that he would kill us if he caught us playing with his micrometer and calipers as a kid - and meaning it too! Those things were all 'analog' and were hideously expensive. Today you can buy a good digital set of calipers for $35.00. For a few more coins, you can get ones that will go down to 1/10 000 of an inch - Rotten Rod the gunsmith had one and I was hard pressed to give it back to him when I was done fondling it.

After that I started shooting off my hind feet at 100m and I stunk the range out with my shoddy marksmanship. I shot from the sitting position with the AR at 200m and did really well on the first 15 and then sucked on the last five. I have a focus problem, I can see it in the pattern: all my good shots - (about 12 of them) were in a nice 6" group. The rest were all over hell's half acre.

So, it was a mixed bag yesterday. At first I could have outshot Quigley down under, and then my true colours started to shine through and I shut 'er down before the suckage got to be too much for my ego! 

If you yanks are out harvesting the bananas in your gardens, and catch a whiff of rot and corruption on the warm spring breeze... you'll know it came from a certain rifle range up near Edmonton, Alberta. 

Hey - have a good Thursday!


  1. I have a focus problem...

    Yeah, you have a focus problem alright. I have a focus problem too, but as soon as my gin reaches the correct subzero temperature, I'll improve. You'll still be out of focus.

    I can't even recognize a naked woman at 200 meters, and you, ya snot, are turning in groups that would ensure a one shot kill? You young guys give me a pain.

    I'm not much on rifle shooting. I do okay with a shotgun on good days (which are getting to be fewer and fewer as the mileage wears me out), and I can hold my head up in just about any group of recreational handgun shooters. But rifles? I just never got the hang of them. I own a few that I consider average quality, but I'm just not that good.

    So I'm saving up my quarters and pop bottles for a trip to Alberta. If I can smuggle my rifle across the border, you can show me what I'm doing wrong.

    1. It's not like the smell here could get any worse, Jack! :)

      That group was shot off the bench so it doesn't count! I am going to have to do a helluva lot better before I can hang a licken' on the guys at Castle BP...