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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

I'm Sorry - But I Gotta Ask

I'm Canadian and like to poke my long nose into American affairs keep my thumb on the pulse of American politics. This is a rude joke..... right....?


  1. don't know if it is a joke, but it is typical and screamingly funny!!
    add her to the congressman who said islands can tip over and a few other numbskulls and you know the country is doomed.
    if only engineers and cpa's would put up with the b.s. surrounding the election process long enough to be elected! then there would be a few brains in washington among the congress.
    as it is the brains there are manipulating congress for lobbies and evil doing wanna be overlords.
    only God can fix it.
    people are so ignorant these days that they have no anchor to ground them, they are blown here and there by every crack brained idea and philosophy that appears.

    1. I agree. It is a truism that people get the gov'ts they want and deserve.

  2. President Donald Trump called Her-Royal-Fucking-Self a 'low IQ individual'. Which she is. Maxine Waters is dumber than a box of rocks, and all she's accomplished in her life is directly dependent on her winning a popularity contest, and doing anything to win.

    Her low I.Q. isn't what makes her stand out in the midst of her fellow Democrats. It was her constant and often inane hammering at the President that got her where she is today. Waters is not only stupid, but she's ignorant and prejudice as hell. She hate white males with a passion.

    Eventually she'll pop a blood vessel and retire. In the meantime she's noise and a source of derisive humor.

    And yes, from all accounts, she did make the 'pee in a cup' statement.