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Monday, 19 March 2018

The Dreams And Nighmares Of Our Childhood

Actually, these two are a little before my time. By the time I was old enough to watch TV and get what was going on, colour TV was well established.

The earliest horror show I can remember watching was War Of The Worlds - on Dad's brand new colour TV.

If I recall there was a scene in that one where the hero shines a flash light into the martian's eyes and I remember laughing at the silly special effects. I think that the martian got an axe in the head too. As a tot I couldn't really appreciate it. Then I watched it again a couple years later and it scared the hell out of me.

What I would give to go to a movie like this again - where the effort is at telling a story to entertain rather than lecture. I watched the re-make of the this old classic but still prefer the original.


  1. can't get the z man web log to come up on the computer. has he been axed by the fascist commies?

  2. I am still getting him Deb - he has this weird re-direct thing going on with his blog though...

  3. I saw Forbidden Planet on TV when I was 6 or so. This was the epitome of what a good science fiction film should be. It had all the elements: Space travel, advanced technology, ray guns, a killer robot, a real killer dame, and an invisible monster with big round feet. I was more scared of the robot than the invisible monster.

    The killer robot (Robbie the Robot) was not a real robot, but was actually Frankie Darro (1917–1976), a jockey sized actor and sometime stunt man.

    Another interesting bit of trivia is the inclusion of the the id, ego, and superego. For those of you who lack a formal education (or majored in beer drinking), your id provides you with the deep-rooted, primitive urge to jump a hot blonde, eat meat when you're hungry, and to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately needs it.

    Your super-ego reminds you that the hot blonde likely finds you as appealing as an overflowing ash tray, that the steak you want belongs to a high class restaurant and you can't afford it this week, and common law prohibits choking the living shit out of the dumb-ass that you work for who has just gotten on your very last nerve.

    The ego mediates between the id and the super-ego. It reminds you that hot blonde women like money, that you have a couple c-notes stashed under your mattress for a rainy day, and that if you time it right, you could conceivably wait until your boss is seated on the crapper before scaring the constipation out of him with a rubber snake. Or a real one.

    So this is one of my all time favorite films, and a great classic.