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Friday, 16 March 2018

The Fall Of Cankles

There's a lot of bile and anger being wasted on Cankles. I wonder about stuff like this because I am an old fart too - is there a point at which we can just dismiss our elders as geriatric fools and be done with them? Will I be as stupid and silly as Hill when I am her age? If so, please, somebody - do me a favour and shoot me! Apparently before she tried to take a header down the stairs, she gave a speech in which she blamed wife-beating men for forcing their wives to vote for Trump, and bragged about how she only did poorly with the stupid Dirt People in Flyover Country. It's blatant silliness, of course - the kind of stuff you hear from bitter old geriatrics that don't have a place in the world or current affairs anymore. Putting her or Bill in prison now would be like closing the barn door after all the horses got out. The time to deal with her and her corruption is long past. I don't get Hillary; she can give the world the finger, buy her own island complete with servants, a private Lear jet and mansion... but she just keeps trying to meddle in the nation's affairs and swindle it out of a couple more million. Why doesn't she walk away and call it done? And why do we get worked up about the crap she says? Screw her - she's over.

I have the same problem in my own family. My elderly boomer in-laws were always in the midst of our affairs, driving me crazy and meddling in our lives. Two years ago I gave them the punt and ran them out of my family because of their bullshit. I should have done that long before I did; today they are just a couple more oblivious, clueless seniors who will probably be going into a home in the next couple years. Yet I know if I tried to step up, and be a caring, responsible son-in-law for them, they would just shower us with the same shit and abuse they always did. It's hard to be Christian-like with people like that. I've asked my Maker what to do about it but He doesn't seem to have any answers for me either. The cycle repeats: to my daughter, I am the clueless, oblivious old fart that needs to go on a long walk off a short pier. I am thankful that I am at least smart enough to stay out of her affairs.

I suppose I'll do what those gentlemen did for Hillary: if the old folks are about to fall down the stairs I will catch them and escort them safely down the rest of the way; but after that, they get in a taxi and go somewhere else and become somebody else's problem. For now, that is going to have to do. And as for me, my retirement will probably be a carton of cigarettes, a quart of whisky and a Smith & Wesson when my time comes, HAR HAR HAR!

No, we are not all in this together, Red. Not anymore.
And not even duct tape will fix it.

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  1. Slick Willie, the Ayatollah Obongo, Hitlery, they are all motivated by hubris and establishing control. Obongo is a narcissist - he sees nothing but himself. Slick Willie was a little different in that he's intelligent and in many ways was a good President (I don't care about his extracurricular habits).

    The idea behind putting Hitlery in the hoosegow is to show the Left that no one is immune from prosecution and prison, and to prevent her from holding office of any kind in the future. Can you just imagine something like that sitting in on an important meeting with the DoD?