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Friday, 9 March 2018

Two Job Interviews Today

I was getting pretty bummed out about the job situation - there's not a lot of call for senior technical sales guys right now. They all want the youngsters that will work 60 hours a week for nothing. Most employers are too goddamn dumb to know that people are like anything else - ya get out what ya put in.

(Errrr.... now that I think about it, that's a lesson that had to be beaten into my head with a 2x4 too!)

The first interview was with a couple kids and I fell in love with them at first sight. The branch manager was a little younger than I was but smart as a whip. They had a younger female sales manager and she was the typical millennial train wreck with face piercings and nose jewelry. I could just smell the potential for mayhem and fun off of both of them. They weren't impressed with me though; interview was over and done in 20 minutes. I think they felt I was over qualified... and I probably was for what they were paying, who knows?

The second interview dragged on forever - I sat across from another old fart in a different line of business but we dealt with the same customers - and we spent over an hour bitching about them, HAR HAR HAR!!! It was okay for awhile but the old boy wouldn't shut up. But he was old, and rambled and I gave him somebody to talk to I guess. I'm almost certain that if they do make an offer I'll probably turn it down - he had a few ideas I don't care for - but who knows, maybe if an offer is made I can negotiate something.

They're looking, all I need is for one of 'em to bite. So... it was a good Friday. Hope yours is the same.

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