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Thursday, 1 March 2018

When They Were Queens

Remember the dreams back then? In the future us kids would have jet packs, the adults would have flying cars, and everyone would be dressed in silver space suits and rubber boots except for the women - they would strut their stuff in futuristic settings sure to inspire awe and wonder.

Contrast that with the reality: Years ago Lesiure Suit Larry and I were called out east to Montreal to a sales meeting. And of course, they booked us on Aeroflot Canada because the decision maker on the trip logistics lived in Queerbec and was probably born with the left side of his brain missing. Most people in Queerbec are either fwench or retarded. Same thing I guess, but I digress.

The seats were the shits, we had a layover in Tranna and they wouldn't even let us off the plane to stretch our legs. The stewardesses were big fat, ugly and mean chubsters that obviously hated their jobs - and us by extension. Larry got pissed off at one and started giving her the gears, and she bent him over and made him bark like a pig for his troubles. He wisely kept his mouth shut when that old bitch came by, HAR HAR HAR!

Mind you - previous to that I flew WestJet and never had a problem. The stewardesses were perky and funny and well mannered. In fact one year I got in a fight over this very subject with my boss who thought Air Crapada was the best of the lines. He went back home on Air Crapada, I took WestJet - and when we got home he was four hours late and they had lost all his luggage. Seems the peons at Pearson Int. decided it was time for a wildcat strike.

I am so glad I don't fly anymore.

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