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Thursday, 7 June 2018


Yesterday we had a business lunch and I was sitting next to the owners. Conversation was awkward, me and the new guys didn't know who we were dealing with so I jumped in and started talking about something safe like the difficulties of an old fart keeping up with high tech that these guys took for granted. I let it slip that I had just discovered podcasts recently - and was about to recommend The Z Man as a possible podcaster of interest.

But one of the owners jumped in and said he is following one too, where the guy sits down and interviews Jordan Peterson. That set off two of the ladies at the table - "Jordan Peterson?!?!? He's a racist!!!! He hates women!!! He hates queers and trannies!!!! He's a fascist!!!! I HATE that guy!!!!" The hens squawked, feathers flew, and silence returned to the table.

And of course, we all shut up about it for fear of triggering the women. And of course, they were middle aged, covered in tats, with nose jewelry, shaved heads and bad hair... and sported face tackle. The owner gawped, mumbled that he didn't know that Peterson was a heretic, and had only seen a brief interview with the man. I can't blame him because I would have done the same - men do not like provoking women and will often defer to childish female behaviour when they probably shouldn't. Who wants to start a fight over something like that, right? It's just easier to shut up and let them think they learned ya a lesson. My question is - is that politeness... or cowardice? I've done it for years. I still do it. GAH!

I am something of a student of the study of the modern human condition and anyone else in this game knows who Peterson is. For those of you that don't - he came to fame over a brouhaha at an eastern Canadian university (right in the heart of political correctness) where he was a professor. The usual gaggle of queers, trannies and other sexually disturbed flinks had a bird when he publicly refused to address them by the special pronouns they had invented for themselves. He openly called it lunacy and refused to go along with it - and heads exploded everywhere. Faggots, feminists, Marxists, and liberal flimps everywhere of every stripe  started flapping and clucking and virtue signalling at the top of their lungs! "You're a racist!!! You're a woman hater!!! You're a homophobe!!!" they screamed. The man calmly pointed out that his accusers were all lunatics and carefully and skillfully pointed out why. Usually men like this are publicly humiliated, castrated, and crucified. Then their corpses are thrown down, their skulls cracked and lefties stomp on the brains with dirty shoes.

Of course, half of that gaggle of hoople headed perverts, retards and morons continued shrieking - but the lefty liberal types with a triple digit IQ (there ARE a few of those) - listened. The man was just one of those guys that had enough, I suppose: he started going off about other forbidden subjects of conversation. As a university prof, he started talking about the empty skulls showing up in his classroom that he was supposedly supposed to educate and dumped on the parents and public educators in the schools responsible for it. Most of his students couldn't think like rational adults. Then he cut loose on his fellow professors and accused them of abusing these intellectual derelicts by filling their heads with crap. It was bad enough that he noticed these things - but his biggest sin was refusing to shut up about it - and daring to prove himself correct.

To the complete fury of the protestors,
people will go to protests like this to see Peterson rather than the protestors.
You are looking at the modern Galileo here - who has
discovered that childish intellectual flakes and degenerates are not the
centre of the universe.

Whether you are from the left or the right - the man is controversial and fascinating. I hear many conservatives hate him because they think he is a phoney posing as one of their own. (He most certainly isn't). The leftists hate him for reasons that make sense to me: he's a man with common sense, stranded in the midst of liberal lunacy, and he sees what the consequences of modern liberalism are - and he points them out to anyone that will listen. And - to the horror of the hard left... people are listening. Worse - they are thinking about what they heard for themselves. To me, he represents a major crack forming in the foundation of modern liberalism. I don't agree with everything he says either - but will concede he has ammo for most of his arguments.

I've seen that with empty headed liberals all the time too. When they can't win a debate, they go for insult and labels every time. They will accuse you of using derogatory labels like nigger, faggot and other modern swear words - even when you haven't. But they think nothing of using labels themselves like bigot, fascist, homophobe, etc.

The ironic thing about all this is that we need more men like Peterson. The lefties aren't smart enough to embrace such men - they drive them out when they are actually the kind of people that need thinkers like Peterson the most. I would like to think that Peterson is a dawning of the renaissance on the left... but they still have a whole lot of stupid to burn through before they become rational adults.


  1. "... a man with common sense, stranded in the midst of liberal lunacy..."

    'Sounds like my lot in life, Glen...

    All those things they say I am; I don't care. Actually, it's a good meter. It means I'm doing something right!

  2. Glen, conversations among anyone you do not know well have just gotten awkward in general. For this reason I never go out to lunch and seldom go out for other activities with others. It is just easier.

  3. they will never be rational, it is not in them.
    i worry about all these who graduate and cannot produce a single lickin' thing.
    cannot weave, cannot sew, cannot plant, cannot grow.
    they are like the grasshopper who wanted what the ants had.
    they are more like the grasshopper's cousin, the locust.
    good for nothing and steal the livelihood of others.
    and they are everywhere, they are an infestation.