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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Creative Anachronism Goes Horribly Wrong

Awhile back I was shamed and humiliated by fuggin Quartermain when he found my comic book stash and dragged it out to show the world. I was forced to admit that if there is a comic book lying around, and nobody is looking - I will pick it up and read it and probably enjoy it! I'm still enduring the fall out: the retards laugh and gob on me, Borepatch nixed my membership in the American Intellectual Shooters Society,  and some wank left some action figures on my desk engaged in unspeakable sexual activities. (I was going to throw them out in a rage - but they might look good on the next Crapcopter I build, HAR HAR HAR!)

At least I can truly say I've never gone to a comic book convention. I've seen the pics on the internet though and some of them are HUGE. The adults are right into it too, with the 20-something bubble-gummers and hotties dressing up like super heroes and looking just like them too. Time is more cruel to women than men, but it is cruel none the less: a young man perving out over the hotties is seen as healthy and wholesome. An old man doing it is seen as a filthy old pervert that needs a boot up the arse! That's probly why I would never be caught dead at a comic book convention, HAR HAR HAR! That - and the creepy cellar dwelling weirdo young men like Pete and Bob that ya see at such events!

I've heard of events where people re-create their favourite periods from the past too - from famous civil war battles going right on back to the age of Filthicus Of The Roman Empire.

But sometimes - even that crowd has it's issues. I have a picture puzzle for my students to solve: In the pic below - can you see any mistakes?

BP is sternly admonished: no whispering from the peanut gallery!
The students must solve this on their own!

Errrrr... stuff like this is probly another good reason for keeping dirty old men away from comic book conventions. Most of 'em can't even do historical re-enactments correctly...

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  1. You can't blame that Roman for wanting to shoot the MG. I would, too.