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Monday, 4 June 2018


There used to be a gunnie blogger of the Neolithic variety that I used to follow - and he'd pose as The World's Handiest Man. He could fab up parts and get scrapyard motorcycles running like a top, he'd reminisce about his adventures as a topflight ironworker, and now he bloviates about control and automation. He'd run his mouth about guns at the drop of a hat too and he got so blatantly bad at it that I just gave up in disgust with him. He had his fanboys though, and they think he walks on water and hang on his every word.

Skinbag was one of my friends years ago that was just like that. One day I turned my back on him and the sucker did a 'trigger job' on my 10/22 - that cost me a trip to the gunsmith to fix. He breezily told me his work was free for friends. Another time I almost murdered him when he took a dremel to the sights on my K98 Mauser - that was over two decades ago and it STILL leaves me gobbing and foaming at the mouth in rage. But he talked a good talk and a lot of guys learned the same hard way I did - you NEVER let Skinbag touch your stuff or 'fix' it.

I am not a handy guy. I can get by usually with a well written manual, and YouTube is a godsend for me. It doesn't bother me that there are handier men in the world, there's nothing they can do that I can't; and there's plenty of stuff I CAN do that they can't. (Like gobbing, cursing and so forth, I suppose, HAR HAR HAR!!!) It's been my experience that the real handymen out there aren't shy about posting their work - but they are almost, to a man, unfailingly modest and polite.

I used to take great offense at the antics of folks like that but now - as long as they aren't messing up MY stuff - I am content to listen to them prattle and boast. If some idiot wants to think he is god's gift to the manly arts I suppose there is no harm in it.

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