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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Happy Shitty Father's Day

You'll get yours, Dad.
Count on it.

Well another Father's Day is coming up. I've related the problems between me and my daughter before in these pages. I won't go over them again. Long story short - I failed. I was too strict, I was told, I pushed too hard, I was a redneck/homophobe/fascist, I wasn't supportive - I went through the cuck/progressive liberal wringer on "proper parenting", believe me. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt. Some of it was probably true to varying degrees, who knows. God knows, it was no picnic for me either. I am so glad to be done with it.

But other fathers from my generation are now checking in. Big Al, my former manager - gave his son a job with the company in our cal lab a year or so back. It was a great starter job for a young man with no skills or education. The boy worked for us for a year, asked for a raise, and when the senior management said 'no' Al was caught in the middle. The kid quit in disgust, moved into Al's ex-wife's basement... and hasn't worked or spoken to his father since.

Flapz - oh boy... Flapz. His son just gave up as an apprentice electrician. One daughter, he's paying her way through university and she hates him and won't talk to him. The other just signed a student loan for $25k to take a make-up/cosmetics course - where students learn the ins and outs of it as it relates to the film industry. The want-ads are just full of employers looking for make up artists, dontchya know. His stepson is 14 and has had it already. The boy goes to school when he feels like it - about twice a week... and since the boy's self esteem is more important than his education nobody punishes him. He's hopelessly behind, and is in for a world of hurt if he ever has to make his own way. I don't see anything wrong with that boy myself other than the fact that he has no work ethic and has never been disciplined. That could have been me when I was a kid were it not for my own father.

Awhile back, a friend emailed to say I had better patch things up with my own daughter because of what happened to her: her son was out partying one night, came home with some friends, and died that night. I don't know any more details than that, but apparently the boy was at odds with his father the way I am with my daughter. Last I heard, she and the ex had to go to the coroners office to attend to the formalities of a deceased son. It must have been murder on Pop.

I sit in the midst of this family wreckage and ruin going on all around - and I just don't get it. Looking at these kids coming up, I think my retirement is going to be a quart of whisky, a fine cigar and a Smith & Wesson. I can only imagine what these kids are going to be like when they get older, and I don't want them taking care of me in my old age.

See ya in hell, Filthie!  :) HAR HAR HAR!!!

That is all mighty grim stuff so maybe a counterpoint is necessary. You'll have to go diggin' for it, but CW over at the Daily Time Waster was bragging about his kids awhile back. The boy man is a strapping fella and a second lieutenant in the army. His wife is as cute as a button and a nurse. CW himself is as proud as punch about them and he should be - but he should be intensely thankful too. Sometimes the good guys win. Other than that, I wish I had some advice for ya, Dad... but I got nothin'. God bless you in the days ahead, and your kids as well.

This weekend we'll be out camping by the gun club. I am going to enjoy a campfire, thank my Maker for my wife and dawgs and what I have, maybe throw a prayer out for my kid on Sunday... and otherwise spend the weekend cheating on the range, walking dawgz - and trying not to think too much. Doing the things that obsolete fathers do, I guess.

Y'all have a great weekend.


  1. Sometimes the good guys win, sometimes they cut their losses. I will be out in the woods on Sunday. A good way to spend the day.

  2. LOL - I will be by to check your work on Monday, BW. And you certainly have the right of it. Al and Flapz just shrug, smile and chuckle about their wayward kids. They are handling it right.

    1. Posts are scheduled in advance right now. Sunday's excursion will be posted next week.

  3. Glen:
    That was a pretty profound commentary...and marvelously right on target.
    I look at kids growing up today, all the dysfunction, the lack of respect for parental authority, the parental abuse and wonder WTF is going on here?
    When did all this shit hit the damn fan?
    Sure wasn't like that back when I was young.
    ---As for me this no kids (that I know of), so I'm kicking back with Wifey and the two cats.
    (no car or college for THEM...saves a bundle).

    Stay safe out there.

  4. For what it is worth Glen, I am sorry. I am pretty sure you did the best you could (we all do, right?). I am fortunate in that my children are all doing well and moving forward in their lives; that said, I am now constantly living with the tension of waiting for the other shoe to drop.