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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Nuke And Pave

Everyone's gums are flapping at 100 MPH over that peck of packie pedos in Britain and the guy that got jailed for daring to talk about it.

Men like The Pastor drive me nuts - they flap and wave and ask stupid rhetorical questions like 'But what about those kiddie-diddling pedo priests in the Catholic church???" I mean - jeez - what about them, ya fuggin dunce? They shoulda been strung up too! What's your bloody point? Sheesh.

Borepatch took a better swing at it but he missed a bit of it too. The institution of law in Britain did not fail. Far from it - it is transitioning from an institution that served the British people to one that serves the world. And in that world out there, there are men that live like animals in countries where pedophilia, polygamy, rape, murder, female genital mutilation - all that crap is as legal as church on Sunday. It is a chit house truism: the third world is a dump because of the people that live there, and now they are here. In order for the multicultural paradise to thrive in Britain - all that villainy will have to be legal there too! Long story short, we are going to need laws for some people, and laws for others. We are doing it here in Canada too. Pakies don't have to wear motorcycle helmets or jobsite  hard hats if they have diapers turbans on their head. The rest of us will get fined silly if we are caught riding or working on certain sites without a lid.

The Z Man hit the mark: Those pakie pedos were never going to get charged. They were going to have their secret trial and would have been let off. Unbeknownst to leftists, laws are a function of culture, and since all cultures are vibrant and different - the rest of us are going to have to learn to embrace and celebrate stuff like or go to jail. Of course our leaders and elite won't have to put up with it - just dirt people like us.

Of course everyone knows where this is going too: pardon me if you've seen this movie before. The perps will have to go to jail for their own protection now - which will bring cries of institutionalized racism and discrimination from The Usual Suspects. Our leaders will be greatly inconvenienced by this and somebody will need to be punished as a warning to the rest of wrong thinkers. (Yawn). Victims Haters of the diverse and vibrant culture of Britain will have to start doing what the courts will not - meting out justice themselves with vigilantism. That will have to be stomped out brutally by the state, which will turn set the vigilantes against that state - and a very messy, bloody civil war will start. Splintered hate groups will unite and plot underground, posturing fops and politicos will bark and clap for the cameras, and next thing yannow, Britain is Syria painted a muddy shade of white, HAR HAR HAR!!!

I think it would be better for everyone if we just dropped a great big bomb on Britain and paved it afterward. Maybe build a great big Walmart for the survivors to live in and keep them out of our hair. It's time to admit that Britain no longer serves any useful purpose.

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