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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Duelling Tradition

If anyone is interested in the latest spat between Trump and the leftist Hollywood faggotry - there's this. Gums are flapping, insults fired off, and returned ... it's like a zoo full a howler monkeys in a shit fight. Low IQ individuals thrive on it too. I know there was a point in my life when I did, HAR HAR HAR! Careful of the low flying logs, folks, and try not to get any on ya! HAR HAR HAR!!!

The Twatter wars and facebook fights are merely the result of generations where there is no moral code of conduct and no consequences for unconscionable behaviour. The very idea of real codes of conduct, with meaningful consequences for trying to abuse it or violate it - is offensive to most of us. We have cops to handle those icky criminals, courts that supposedly punish them, prisons that (HAR HAR HAR) rehabilitate them...and...where was I going with that, I wonder? The mind wobbles.

Back in the day, if you could not get satisfaction from the law, and the matter of honor to be settled was of too great a consequence to trust to mere leather elbowed snivel servants - you could address the situation yourself.


— In 1777 “The Code Duello” was drawn up covering the practice of duelling and points of honour, settled at Clonmel Summer Assizes and prescribed for general adoption throughout Ireland. The Code was also followed in England and in North America, although occasionally there were deviations.
— Rule 10 of the Code states: “Any insult to a lady under a gentleman’s care or protection to be considered as, by one degree, a greater offence than if given to the gentleman personally, and to be regulated accordingly.”
— In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, pistol duelling became popular as a sport. Participants wore heavy, protective clothing and a metal helmet with a glass eye-screen. The pistols were fitted with a shield that protected the firing hand and fired wax bullets.
— Pistol duelling was an event at the 1908 Summer Olympics in London.
Welp, maybe pistolcraft is something my students and I should learn here at Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys N' Retards? We'll have to develop our courage first, and I have just the solution: Russian Roullette! I will go first, of course! Quartermain will do the honors and allow us to choose our weapons. I see Jack has selected a fine 1911 in .45 - very nice. I am a traditionalist so I'll take a flintlock pistol.

We're all gonna have a great day here at Uncle Bob's Institute - hope you all have a great Humpday too!


  1. Glen:
    Love the mini history lesson re: dueling. Nice pistols,. too.
    BTW, when it comes to uncles, EVERYONE should have one named BOB (trust me on this one - I had one too).


    Very good post.
    Roll safe out there.

  2. Our Uncle Bob was the best. He was a lot like the Z Man - he never got angry, and nothing made him happier than a good honest chit fight. Quartermain and I would go at in the comments with gusto with the other chimps - and Bob presided over the mayhem like a champ. Like you - he was a classy Bob all the way - and a hoot to be around.